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  • Allows you to waive the waiting period when switching from another insurer (T&Cs apply)
  • 100% benefit percentage minus the excess
  • Allows you to enrol your pet from as early as 6 weeks old
  • Covers third-party liability, which some other companies don’t
  • Multi-pet discount available
  • Free for the first one (for pets aged 6-52 weeks) or two months (pets aged >1)


  • No overseas insurance cover
  • Sub-limits apply

What’s PetsOnMe?

Launched in 2017, PetsOnMe makes caring for your fur baby much easier. They offer dog walking, dog sitting, and pet insurance services. PetsOnMe covers only companion dogs and cats, so, unfortunately, our feathery and scaly friends aren’t eligible.

The biggest highlight is this—PetsOnMe Insurance offers a 100% benefit percentage for your claims minus the excess. This is impressive since most companies offer only up to 80% or 90%. However, there’s still the excess you’ll need to keep in mind whenever you make claims. But we’ll cover this in more detail further down the article.

PetsOnMe offers various plans that allow you to choose your preferred level and range of protection for your fur family member. These plans cover a wide range of events—from accidents and illness to dental illness and even routine wellness procedures, such as vaccinations. The coverage depends on which plan you go with.

Here’s a quick summary of the main differences between each plan:

FeatureAccident planClassic planDeluxe plan
Illness coverNoYesYes
Dental illness coverNoNoYes
Annual benefit limit$5,000$10,000$15,000

If you’re a fur parent seeking cover and protection for your beloved pet, you’d definitely want to stick around. We’ll take a look at the costs of PetsOnMe Pet Insurance, what’s covered, what’s not, and how this insurance company compares to other big players in the field.

Is Your Pet Eligible for PetsOnMe Pet Insurance?

PetsOnMe pet insurance is available for companion and assistance dogs and cats only. Your pet will be eligible for the Accident (less coverage) plan if they’re aged between 6 weeks and 12 years. Pets aged between 6 weeks to 8 years and 11 months are eligible for the Classic or Deluxe (higher coverage) plans.

Working dogs used in law enforcement or security are not eligible for cover, and the same goes for banned breeds of dogs and cats in Australia. Pets crossed with any banned breeds will not be able to obtain cover under PetsOnMe, either.

How Much Does PetsOnMe Pet Insurance Cost?

The price of PetsOnMe insurance depends on several factors, including the following:

  • The type of plan. PetsOnMe offers three types of plans—the Accident, Classic, and Deluxe plans. The Accident plan covers accidental injury. The Classic plan covers both illness and injury but not dental illness. Meanwhile, the Deluxe plan covers illness, injury, and dental illness. The annual benefit limit for each plan is $5,000, $10,000, and $15,000 respectively.
  • The excess. The excess is the amount you must pay when making a claim. If the claim amount does not exceed the excess, you will not be able to claim anything. PetsOnMe allows you to pick an excess of $50, $100, and $150.
  • Inclusion of wellness benefits. You can opt for the addition of wellness benefits to the Classic or Deluxe plan. The wellness benefits include desexing, microchipping, vaccinations, boarding fees, cremation, and advertising and reward.
  • Breed of pet. Some breeds of pets are more prone to certain illnesses and may be more expensive to treat. Hence, the prices may differ from one breed to another, though not very significantly.
  • Age of pet. Older pets are more likely to experience illness and require treatment. Hence, older pets are more expensive to insure.
  • Your location. The vet costs may differ from one location to another, so you may notice a difference in fees depending on where you live.

Some estimated quotes you can expect from PetsOnMe are included below:

Golden Retriever1~$56
Golden Retriever5~$66
Maine Coon1~$29
Maine Coon5~$35
*The prices above are the monthly premium cost.

*The prices above are the monthly premium cost.

These estimated quotes are based on the following:

  • PetsOnMe insurance Classic plan, which covers injuries and illness. Dental illness is not included in the Classic plan.
  • No wellness benefit is added.
  • Annual benefit limit of $10,000 and excess of $100.
  • The owner resides in New South Wales.

The monthly premium cost depends highly on the plan you opt for.

If you’d like dental illness cover, the Deluxe plan is the only one that offers it. Meanwhile, wellness benefits are available as an add-on for both the Classic and Deluxe plans, and this costs around $10-15 extra per month.

PetsOnMe Pet Insurance

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What makes PetsOnMe insurance worth it?

As pet parents, we want to give our fur babies the best care possible. One of the best ways to ensure your pets get the care and treatment they need is by getting pet insurance.

Vet bills can cost quite a bit. Treating tick paralysis may cost up to $23,000 in Australia. Meanwhile, skin diseases or allergies may cost up to $7,000 to treat [1]. We want the best for our pets, but burning a deep hole in your wallet is never a pleasant experience. And this is where PetsOnMe’s insurance comes into play.

PetsOnMe offers competitive prices. Their Classic plan offers the best value for money, covering accident, illness, pathology, third-party liability, radiology, hospital costs, and non-elective euthanasia. Many other insurance companies do not provide third-party liability, which covers the cost of damage your pet causes to other people or their property.

Additionally, your pet will receive lifetime cover as long as the policy is continually renewed. There will be no reduction in cover even as your pet ages.

PetsOnMe also has one of the fastest claim reimbursement processes. Other than that, you’re allowed to pick from any licensed and registered vet in Australia, allowing you to seek the best possible treatment for your fur kid without having to fret about the cost. 

How does PetsOnMe’s price compare to other providers?

PetsOnMe offers similar pricing to other big names in the industry. It isn’t priced too high but isn’t the cheapest on the market, either.

Let’s compare PetsOnMe with another popular pet insurance company, Bow Wow Meow. For a 1-year-old Golden Retriever, PetsOnMe charges around $56 per month, while Bow Wow Meow charges about $71. Both companies offer different packages with various benefits and inclusions that cater to different needs.

We’ll make a quick comparison of both insurance policies at these prices. Take note that these features and benefits may differ depending on the package you pick.

PetsOnMeBow Wow Meow
$100 excess paid for each claim$0 excess
100% benefit percentage70% benefit percentage
$10,000 annual benefit limit$15,000 annual benefit limit

The most apparent differences between both companies are the excess and benefit percentage.

In the above case, if the vet treatment costs $200, you can claim $100 (50% payout) from PetsOnMe and $140 from Bow Wow Meow (70% payout).

However, if your vet treatment costs $2,000, you’ll claim $1,900 from PetsOnMe (95% payout) and just $1,400 from Bow Wow Meow (70% payout).

The higher the vet costs, the higher the percentage payout. So in the event of more expensive vet treatment, the PetsOnMe policy definitely offers exceptional value for money. This is thanks to the 100% claim reimbursement minus the excess.

Nonetheless, there is little information on the expected premium increases with each policy renewal. How big the margin of increase differs from company to company. And hence, it’s hard to tell which offers the best value for money in the long haul.

When comparing pet insurance policies, the most important factors to consider are the excess (and whether it’s a per claim excess or an annual excess), the benefit percentage, what’s covered, and what’s not.

PetsOnMe Pet Insurance Policy and Information

We’ve collated some pieces of important information for you to help you with your decision.

Policy duration
Lifetime cover unless cancelled
Minimum age
6 weeks
Maximum age
8 years and 11 months for accident and illness cover.
Waiting period
0 days for accidents; 21 days for illness, wellness benefit, and third-party liability; 90 days for hereditary conditions, cruciate ligament, & patella luxation
Claim expiration date
Within 30 days of treatment
Applies for certain conditions, including hereditary illness
Residency requirement
Vet direct pay
No. PetsOnMe pays directly into the policy holder’s bank account

It is also important to note the following:

  • The policy only covers events that occur in Australia. There is no overseas cover provided.
  • Say you’re moving from another insurance company you’ve been with for at least a year with no interruption in cover. In that case, the waiting period does not apply when you register for PetsOnMe insurance.
  • You have to bring your pet to the vet for a diagnosis within 48 hours from the event giving rise to the claim.

PetsOnMe Pet Insurance reviews

PetsOnMe doesn’t currently have ratings on Trust Pilot. However, it has garnered a rating of 4.9 out of 5 stars on Google reviews based on a handful of review submissions.

Users have noted that their service staff are extremely helpful, friendly, and professional. Additionally, users mention that the claim process is quick and straightforward. According to them, it is possible to have your claims reimbursed as quickly as under a day or two! 

When should you consider insurance for your pet?

Getting your fur kid insured as early as possible is always best.

Since PetsOnMe and other insurance companies do not offer cover for pre-existing illnesses, it is beneficial to have your pets insured earlier in their life before any ailments strike.

When pets are younger, they’re less likely to have a pre-existing condition. Hence, insuring them from young ensures you get the most out of your policy as your pet ages and becomes more susceptible to diseases.

The minimum age requirement for PetsOnMe insurance is just 6 weeks. They will receive lifetime cover as long as the policy is renewed. This means that PetsOnMe will continue paying for any new illnesses or conditions that emerge until your pet passes on. 

What’s Covered by PetsOnMe Pet Insurance

The coverage depends on which plan you pick.

Currently, PetsOnMe has three different plans to choose from. We’ve included them in the table below.

PlanWhat’s covered
Accident plan– Vet treatment for accidental injuries
– Third-party liability
– Tick paralysis Essential euthanasia
Classic plan– Vet treatment for accidental injuries
– Vet treatment for illness and hereditary conditions
– Third-party liability
– Tick paralysis
– Essential euthanasia
– Optional add-on: Wellness benefits
Deluxe planVet treatment for accidental injuries
– Vet treatment for illness and hereditary conditions
– Dental illness
– Third-party liability
– Tick paralysis
– Essential euthanasia
– Optional add-on: Wellness benefits

The wellness benefits optional add-on is only available for the Classic and Deluxe plan. This add-on includes cremation, advertising and rewards, microchipping or desexing, vaccinations, boarding fees, and death from illness.

The coverage may change with time. You may also wish to find details on what’s covered by PetsOnMe insurance by reading their product disclosure statement

What’s Not Covered by PetsOnMe Insurance

The PetsOnMe product disclosure statement provides a comprehensive list of conditions not covered under their insurance policies.

The exclusions are dependent on the plan you choose. For instance, the Accident plan does not cover the diagnosis or treatment of any disease or illness, except for tick paralysis. Meanwhile, the Classic and Deluxe plans will cover illness and accidental injury.

In general, some of the exclusions that apply to all plans include the following:-

  • Treatment costs due to neglect, obesity, or malnutrition
  • Vet costs for conditions that develop as a result of not following the vet’s instructions
  • Treatment of diseases that can be prevented via vaccinations, unless your pet’s vaccination status is up-to-date
  • Treatment costs for behavioural problems or a psychiatric disorder
  • Medicated or non-medicated creams, ointments, and shampoos
  • Nutritional or dietary supplements and special pet food
  • Vet costs for pre-existing conditions or conditions present from birth (congenital disorders)
  • Elective or cosmetic procedures

It’s good to stay well-informed of what’s excluded from your insurance cover. And you can check out the complete list of exclusions here

PetsOnMe Claims Reimbursement

You will have to report your claim as soon as reasonably possible but within 30 days of the event giving rise to the claim.

You can do so by either of the following options:

You will have to attach your itemised invoice and any supporting documents, such as the clinical notes, medical report, or police report.

Any claim reimbursements made will be paid directly to your bank account.

If you disagree with the final decision made for your claim, you can file a dispute on their website.

Users have noted that PetsOnMe processes and reimburses claims really quickly, sometimes within one or two days! Thanks to their local Australian team, you will be paid within two business days of receiving all necessary paperwork (including those from your vet’s end).

Cancellation Information

You can cancel your policy anytime, just like a monthly subscription. You can do so through their website, by emailing them at [email protected], or by calling them at 1300 489 873. The cancellation will be effective from the date they receive your cancellation notice.

If you choose to cancel your policy, you will be refunded any premium you have already paid, minus the amount that covers the period of time your pet has been insured.

There is a 14-day cooling-off period for your policy. You can cancel your policy within 14 days from the date the policy was sold to you. If you do so within those 14 days, there will be no penalty, and you will be refunded the total amount you have paid—as long as you have not yet made a claim.

Does PetsOnMe Cover Pre-Existing Conditions?

No, PetsOnMe does not cover pre-existing conditions, similar to other pet insurance companies.

According to PetsOnMe, a pre-existing condition is a condition, illness, or injury your pet already has before the policy start date or the waiting period has ended. Your pet may have already been diagnosed with the condition or may be showing symptoms during that time.

Since pet insurance generally does not cover pre-existing conditions, it pays off to have your pets insured while they’re younger and healthier.

Final Takeaway: Is PetsOnMe Insurance Worth It?

PetsOnMe insurance is a fantastic, budget-friendly option that can offer comprehensive coverage based on your chosen plan.

You will have to pay the excess for every claim you make, but PetsOnMe insurance becomes especially worthwhile when dealing with higher costs and expensive treatment. A multi-pet discount is available for this company, and you’ll also get the first 1-2 months free. As pet parents, we only want the best for our fur kids. And pet insurance is a cost-effective way to give your fur babies optimal treatment and care when they need it most. Ultimately, PetsOnMe insurance is designed for this purpose—to help you handle unexpected and high vet costs.