Best Pet Insurance Companies in Australia

Comparing policies of Australia’s leading pet insurance providers to help you choose

Max yearly benefit $25,000
Minimum pet age 8 weeks
Max yearly benefit $20,000
Minimum pet age 8 weeks
Max yearly benefit $20,000
Minimum pet age 8 weeks


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About Mad Paws Dinner Bowl Mad Paws started out as one of Australia’s largest pet sitting platforms, before launching Mad Paws Dinner Bowl to further enrich the lives of Aussie dogs. Mad Paws Dinner Bowl has one of the most comprehensive offerings, with cooked bowls, kibble bowls and raw bowls on offer to suit every …
About Lyka Lyka is an Australian born and bred company offering bowls of cooked food based on different proteins. The bowls (delivered in single serve pouches), come frozen and via a subscription base which can be cancelled or paused at any time.  Each meal is filled with purposeful, whole food ingredients which are sourced locally, …

Frequently Asked Questions

How does PawInsure make it easier to buy the best pet insurance plan?

We partner with leading pet insurance companies to help pet owners find the right plan at the best price.

We compare these companies and their coverage policies to make sure your breed’s specific health risks are covered and save you a ton of money.

What's the best pet insurance?

Every pet is different. It depends on if you’re insuring multiple pets, if you’re insuring a puppy/kitten or an older pet, if you’re looking for the best coverage or just a cheap pet insurance with the lowest monthly cost, how important it is to cover the exam fee, your location, and more.

It will also depend on what reimbursement rate, annual deductible, and coverage limit you’re looking for on an insurance policy.

How does PawInsure make money?

We get paid a commission by the pet insurance company when we help you buy a plan for your pet. These commissions are already priced into the cost of pet health insurance, so you’re not paying extra when purchasing through PawInsure.

Is PawInsure an insurance company?

PawInsure is an independent pet insurance review website, not a pet insurer. We analyse the top pet insurance brands to explain coverage and pricing differences and make it easy for pet owners to find savings and the right protection.

Shouldn't I buy directly from the pet insurance company?

When you shop and find a plan through PawInsure our site connects you to the pet insurance company site to complete your purchase. Because we get access to the lowest available rates, you’re getting the best price either way.

How does pet insurance coverage work?

Pet insurance pays you back on an unexpected vet bill, based on your reimbursement level. So if your dog or cat gets injured or sick after your coverage has kicked in, you’ll be reimbursed for veterinary care including surgery, prescription medication, and even cancer treatment. As a pet parent, this could save you thousands in veterinary expenses.

Unlike human health insurance, your pet insurance company will pay you instead of your veterinarian. This means your accident and illness plan will work at any licensed vet clinic or animal hospital.