• Type of food: Raw + Kibble + Cooked 
  • Custom ingredients: Yes 
  • Australian ingredients: Yes
  • Puppy options: Yes 
  • Subscription: Yes
  • Delivery locations: NSW, VIC, QLD, ACT

About Mad Paws Dinner Bowl

Mad Paws started out as one of Australia’s largest pet sitting platforms, before launching Mad Paws Dinner Bowl to further enrich the lives of Aussie dogs. Mad Paws Dinner Bowl has one of the most comprehensive offerings, with cooked bowls, kibble bowls and raw bowls on offer to suit every dog. 

Mad Paws Dinner Bowl Range

Mad Paws Dinner Bowl’s range is massive, with a range of cooked bowls, raw bowls and kibble bowls too. There are also daily meal combos that start from $2.50 per day, including Mad Paws Dinner Bowl Ready Chicken Combo Box, Mad Paws Dinner Bowl Ready Beef Combo Box and these box options plus sides (bone broth and lactose-free yoghurt).

You can order just raw bowls, half kibble and half raw, half kibble and half cooked, just cooked or just kibble. It’s very flexible to suit your budget and dog’s likes and dislikes. 

Mad Paws Dinner Bowl Ingredients

All Dinner Bowl meals are free from gluten, wheat, dairy, lactose, sugar, soy and corn.

This is an example of a Free Range Chicken Bowl (Choo-Choose Chicken).

  • Chicken mince
  • Chicken liver
  • Chicken heart
  • Chicken egg
  • Sardines
  • Spinach
  • Oatmeal
  • Butternut Squash
  • Broccoli
  • DB Superfood Mix (Chicory Root, Psyllium Husk, Reishi Mushroom (Mushroom mix), Rosehip, Turmeric, Blueberry juice powder)
  • DB Vita-Mix (Green lipped muscle, Bone meal powder, Kelp, Zinc, Vit E, Flaxseed oil, Manganese, Copper Chelate)

Average Composition of Mad Paws Dinner Bowl

This is an example of the composition of the chicken bowl.

Crude protein13.58%
Crude fat 5.83%
Crude fibre7%
Carbs (NFE)3.63%
Ash (Minerals)1.18%

Why You’ll Love Mad Paws Dinner Bowl

  • Huge range: Mad Paws Dinner Bowl has a massive range of options, from cooked to raw to kibble, so no matter what type of food your dog likes to eat, you’ll find something at MPDB.
  • Good for fussy dogs: Some of the most common reviews about MPDB is how good it is for fussy dogs! Even the fussiest of dogs appear to love MPDB food, so that’s saying something in itself. 
  • Money-back guarantee: The worst thing is spending a tonne of money on food you’re not sure your dog will love, which is why it’s awesome to see MPDB offers a money-back guarantee if your dog doesn’t love it!

Who Should Avoid Mad Paws Dinner Bowl

  • You’re on a budget: MPDB certainly isn’t the cheapest offering out there, but it is quality, human-grade food so that’s to be expected. 
  • Don’t want a subscription: if you don’t want to order dog food on a subscription basis, we’d recommend trying a different brand as MPDB only offers mea;s on a subscription basis. In saying that, you can stop, slow down or pause your subscription at any time. 

What Customers Say

These customer reviews were taken from productreview.com.au.

“My baby Hugo (spoodle) is only 11 months old & he has been a very picky eater. Very challenging at times as he refuses kibbles and sometimes goes hungry in protest. He loves Mad Paws food, he is finally putting on weight and even comes to me asking for food.” – Sophia P.

“My dog is the fussiest of eaters, so imagine my surprise when he woofed down his first bowl. He absolutely loves his dinner bowl now and I intend to continue ordering.

Also, home delivery saves the time and effort of lugging food home.” – Mel

“Our border collie loved the food, you could tell it was quality ingredients and all of it was always eaten. The only thing is once you’ve received 40% off, you don’t want to pay full price for it after. Kinda bad marketing if you ask me! Just lower your prices a bit more! I understand it’s premium food but paying $6 a meal to $10 a meal for a dog is ludicrous. That’s a human’s hello fresh meal! I also had my order delayed by a week so I had to go buy extra food while I waited. It’s a bit frustrating when you guys have such a strict delivery policy. Wouldn’t order from again, there’s so many cheaper and just as fresh and good quality wet dog food options out there.” – Emma

How to Order Mad Paws Dinner Bowl 

Looking for high-quality dog food and an extensive range to suit all taste buds? Mad Paws Dinner Bowl might be the one for you. With lots of variety and a flexible subscription model, it makes sense why so many dog-mums and dads choose Mad Paws Dinner Bowl.