• Type of food: Fresh (cooked)
  • Custom ingredients: Yes 
  • Australian ingredients: Yes
  • Puppy options: No
  • Subscription: No (but you can subscribe & save)
  • Delivery locations: NSW, VIC, QLD, SA

About ilume

ilume is a Melbourne-based fresh dog food brand that’s mission is to “illuminate” pet owners about how healthy, fresh and human-grade food can help your dog live longer, healthier lives.

100% human-grade food with completely Aussie ingredients, Illume delivers fresh (cooked) dog food across Australia (except NT and WA). 

illume’s Range

ilume’s range is pretty expansive and includes a range of breakfast and dinner meals. 

There are also daily meal combos that start from $2.50 per day, including ilumeReady Chicken Combo Box, ilumeReady Beef Combo Box and these box options plus sides (bone broth and lactose free yoghurt).

Breakfast Range

Chicken BitesFrom $1.93
Beef BitesFrom $2.03 per meal
Chicken Bites & Yoghurt From $2.18 per meal
Beef Bites & YoghurtFrom $2.28 per meal

Dinner Range 

Chicken MeatballsFrom $1.71 per meal
Beef & Chicken MeatballsFrom $1.85 per meal
Beef & Chicken Meatballs & BrothFrom $3.13 per meal
Chicken MeatloafFrom $2.75 per meal
Beef MeatloafFrom $2.93 per meal
Chicken Meatloaf + BrothFrom $3.74 per meal
Beef Meatloaf + Broth From $4.21per meal
Mexican Beef DinnerFrom $3.96 per meal
Chicken & Veggie DinnerFrom $3.46 per meal
Turkey DinnerFrom $3.96 per meal
Beef & Beetroot Dinner From $3.96 per meal
Chicken ParmigianaFrom $3.46 per meal
Turkey & Spinach From $3.96 per meal

You can also order different trial boxes to see if Ilume is right for you and your dog.

illume Ingredients

ilume has a range of different meals, but all meals are 100% fresh with no added preservatives or fillers. 

This is what the Chicken Meatballs dinner looks like: 

Chicken (45%), carrot, red quinoa, broccoli, water, rice, kale, sardines, citrus fibre, egg, natural preservatives (vinegar, citric acid, rosemary extract).

Average Composition of Ilume 

ilume meals are designed to go together (breakfast and dinner). When combined, this is what the average composition of a dog’s daily diet on Ilume looks like: 

Crude protein44%
Crude fat 19%
Crude fibre7%
Carbs (NFE)25%
Ash (Minerals)5%

Why You’ll Love Ilume

  • Freshly prepared human-grade meals: Each recipe contains whole foods that are cooked to preserve nutrients in ilume’s Melbourne kitchen. All high-quality animal protein comes from the parts of an animal that humans would eat. Ilume offers meals with minimal processing, fresh, human-quality ingredients, and scientifically backed nutrition.
  • Monitor dog’s activity in real time: ilume is one of the only pet food brands to integrate nutrition and smart technology. Not only do they deliver meals, but you can also add a collar tracker and app to make informed decisions based on your pet’s real time data and activity level. This is ideal for pet’s who have medical issues or need to lose / gain weight. 
  • Caters for gluten intolerance: If your dog has a gluten intolerance, ilume will personalise a gluten free breakfast meal option for your dog.

Who Should Avoid Illume Pet Food

  • Puppy owners: ilume currently does not cater for puppies, but it does depend on the size and weight of your puppy. You can get in touch with the ilume team to find out if it’s right for your pupper. 
  • Dog owners on a budget: Any dog food that isn’t kibble and that’s cooked from fresh food is going to be on the pricier side, and considering ilume’s dog food range is made from 100% Aussie ingredients, it’s definitely on the premium side. 

What Customers Say

“We’ve just got back from the vet, our first check up after we adopted Boss 6 months ago. The vet was so impressed with the condition of Boss’s coat. We had not realised that his eczema had been so bad before we adopted Boss that he had permanently scarred himself under his fur, through extreme scratching! We started feeding ilume as soon as we adopted Boss and he now is eczema free and barely scratches at all. Thanks ilume your natural approach is simple but it works! Please give your kitchen team a huge thank you for making such incredible food.”

Guy M, Google Review

“Our two daschunds, Bo and Moe, have been using Ilume for 5 months and absolutely love it. Moe had some balding previously on his chest that has now reversed. As a parent it makes my life much easier also with the delivery and knowing their food is sorted. I also like knowing they are eating the right food that’s good for them. Highly recommend it!”

Bella G, Google Review 

“Can’t talk more highly of the Ilume experience. Genuine human quality food that’s tailored to the lifestyle of your dog and delivered to your door, perfect. Olive’s coat looks fantastic and her energy doesn’t spike and wane like it used to on kibble. The ilume app is a great way to keep on top of your dog’s activity needs and leaves the guesswork out of providing the best quality of life for them. They’re family after all! Highly recommend it to all dog lovers.”

Mike M, Google Review 

How to Order ilume 

If you’re after excellent customer service and even better, human-quality food for your beloved fur-child, you can’t go past ilume. It’s especially great for pet owners who want to track their dog’s activity through smart technology. 

Ready to get your dog started on food that’s actually good for them?