Finding the right insurance policy for our pets can be a gruelling and confusing task, especially with all of the different coverage options to choose from; things can become even more difficult when you’re trying to cater for multiple pets and their vastly different needs.

Before committing to pet insurance, we need to weigh up what will benefit us and our fur babies the most. Are your pets sick often? Are they indoor or outdoor pets? Are they older or younger? There are so many questions we need to ask ourselves before committing to a pet insurance policy, we also need to consider whether pet insurance is the most beneficial option for our pets in general.

Australian veterinary giants Greencross Vets offer a cheap and valuable policy, covering health checks, dental, vaccinations and offers hefty discounts on major surgeries and more. The Healthy Pets Plus programme is considered a preventative membership, aimed at recognising and addressing health issues in our pets through regular check-ups before they develop into serious illnesses.

Healthy Pets Plus Benefits

A 10% discount on tests, medications and services

Whatever the Doctor orders, HPP members will score a 10% discount on medications, the necessary tests and other vet services!

Additional pets joining HPP will receive 10% off the membership price

Having two pets doesn’t have to be expensive! HPP offers members 10% off their second membership, meaning your second fur baby will receive the same benefits for a portion of the price!

Earn Friends for life points

By automatically joining Friends for Life, members will receive points for each dollar spent, which eventually builds up to rewards such as vouchers, DIY dog washes and other gifts.

Unlimited vet consultations

It’s so important for us to stay on top of our pet’s health, so Greencross Vets offer their members unlimited consultations to ensure your pets are staying in tip top shape.

Free emergency vet consultations at partner hospitals

There’s nothing more distressing that our pets becoming ill or injured, so to ensure our pets are attended to ASAP, Healthy Pets Plus members have access to free emergency vet consultations at partnering hospitals.

24/7 free access to webnet video advice

Technology has made our lives so much easier during the world coronavirus pandemic, allowing us to videocall our friends, colleagues and loved ones from wherever we are. Greencross now utilise this same feature, giving their HHP members 24/7 access to advice from their consultants via video chat.

Discounts of food, products & services

On top of the many other financial benefits members receive through HHP, they can also redeem huge discounts off of different products, food and services.

Free vaccinations, microchipping health screening and more

Through regular vet clinics, microchipping, vaccinations and health screenings can really add up and can end up costing you some serious coin! Luckily, through HPP you will have full access to vet recommended vaccinations and microchipping, free of charge.

Dental care (save up to $200 on dental scale and polish)

Something that can be easily overlooked is the dental health of our furry friends. Dental check-ups can be a pricey exercise, especially if the Doc recommends further treatment. With HPP, members can receive up to $200 off particular dental treatments

Dog & Cat membership $480 annually

The membership for both dogs and cats is $480 annually, which you have the options to pay via direct debit, fortnightly, monthly or annually.

Then there’s pet insurance. Rather than acting as a preventative method of pet assistance, pet insurance focuses primarily on accidents and urgent illnesses which offers significantly different benefits than the Healthy Pets Plus membership.

For comparison, we have broken down the benefits of one of the most popular Australian pet insurance providers Bow Wow Meow. The most common plan by Bow Wow Meow is the Peace of Mind plan which has an annual benefit limit of $15,000 annually, which represents the total amount accessible through your chosen plan.

Bow Wow Meow Benefits

$0.00 excess

Bow Wow Meow won’t force you to break bank simply to get your hands on the insurance your pet needs; with zero excess, customers no longer have to make claims based on the size of the bill, which enables you to make smaller claims and makes expensive procedures far more affordable.

Peace of Mind covers your pet for up to 80% of vet bills

Bow Wow Meow will reimburse you for a large percentage of your vet bill, which is bound to save you some serious pennies. Dependent on your plan, you can choose from 60%, 70% or 80%.

You can save on surgery, hospital stays or emergency boarding

Surgery alone can be a very costly exercise, not to mention the overnight stays that are often mandatory with serious procedures. The Peace of Mind plan will help you save on emergency boarding, hospital stays and surgery, by offering discounts wherever they can. 

Preventative treatments including fleas, ticks & heartworm

Getting ahead of problems like fleas and ticks is super important to ensure a long and happy life for you pets, especially if they regularly roam the great outdoors! That’s why Bow Wow Meow covers important preventative treatments to keep your fur child free of dangerous critters.

You will never have to choose between your pet and your money

One thing you simply should not have to put a price on is the life of your pet, but for many pet owners, a terrible accident can leave them without a choice. Bow Wow Meow will make sure you never have to make that terrible decision and will ensure you have the funds needed to mend your pet back to full health.

Both Healthy Pets Plus and Bow Wow Meow have their advantages and it entirely depends on your pet’s needs. Whether you are looking for the convenience of free vet consultations or the security of compensated emergency care, your pet will receive all of the benefits they need to guarantee a healthy, happy and full life.