Some of the best supermarket cat food Australia has to offer is rich in nutrients. It can feed cats every day. Pet owners already know Aussie supermarkets carry their brands, such as foods available at Aldi but they also carry larger-brand foods such as those made by Whiskas, Purina or Optimum. Here are 8 supermarket cat foods which can be purchased locally.

1Whiskas So Meaty 1+ Years Wet Cat Food Poultry Dishes
Key features
Made with chicken, lamb, beef, and pork
Rich in zinc, calcium, and phosphorous
Promotes urinary tract health

Available in practical 85g pouches, the food is based on pure meat. Its formula contains chicken and chicken-derivate meat. It also comes with succulent lamb, beef, and pork. Those who value daily nutrition needs of their cats need to know Whiskas offers this formula enriched with zinc, calcium and phosphorous. However, once a pack is open, it needs to be consumed as the food comes with no preservatives.

2Purina Friskies Adult Cat Food
Key features
Made with chicken, salmon, and tuna
Rich in immune-boosting antioxidants
Includes Vitamin A

8 kibble biscuits make up the Purina Friskies cat food. Various sources of protein such as turkey, chicken and salmon are used for this delicious dry food. Cats also benefit from its high antioxidants content. This is where the food proves useful in promoting the health of the immune system and the resistances cats develop against various illnesses. The food is also known to be rich in Vitamin A and taurine which promote good vision.

3Fancy Feast Royale Adult Cat Food Roasted Succulent Chicken
Key features
Made with a succulent profile
Based on pure roasted chicken
Affordable source of protein

This one-ingredient tasty canned food is one of the delicious options cats can rely on whenever their owners shop at Woolworths. Chicken and a gelling agent are the ingredients used in the roasted treat. There are no added carbohydrates which makes this food a pure source of protein and fats. It can be purchased in practical 85g cans and they can feed cats daily.

4Optimum Dry Cat Food Oral Care With Chicken
Key features
Made from chicken and chicken by-products
High in Vitamin B1, B2, B3, and D3
Contains beet pulp

The complex formulation of the food includes sources of meat and added carbohydrates from cereal for a boost of energy. It is made for adult cats and it comes with a familiar chicken taste. The formula of the dry food is based on chicken and chicken by-products. Cereal protein and multivitamins complete the formulation. Sodium, taurine and antioxidants are also found in small amounts in this complex formula. For such select ingredients, the food is considered affordable in its 800g pack version.

5Ultimates Indulge Adult Cat Food Tuna Fish Roe & Chicken
Key features
Made with fish and chicken
High in protein
Made with grain-free ingredients

This delicious treat is made from the finest fish and chicken. As other cat foods from the brand, it is known for its shortlist of ingredients. Free from artificial colours and preservatives, it is a long-term nutrition option for healthy cats. There are no added flavours to the formula either. As a result, cats only enjoy the pure taste of fish and chicken.


6Purina Friskies Meaty Grills
Key features
Made with multiple types of meat
High in essential fatty acids
Rich protein profile to sustain muscles

This dry food is made for adult cats and it combines multiple types of dry meats. It also includes wholegrain cereals to improve digestive health. However, the main advantage of its nutrients comes with the combination of turkey, chicken, lamb and beef.

These potent sources of protein are combined with vegetables to improve their digestion and absorption. With such meat content, the food is recommended for a high intake of healthy fats such as Omega 3 and Omega 6. In adult cats, these healthy fats support joint and bone health.

7Dine Slices With Chicken Wet Cat Food
Key features
Made with Australian chicken and lamb
Formulated with added vitamins and minerals
Covers the daily needs of protein

This Australian-made cat food option is recommended for its high protein content. Made with quality lamb, beef, and chicken, the food is mixed with gelling agents to make it easy to consume. Cereal protein, colours, vitamins and minerals are added to its formula. The food is only available in 7 pouches of 85grams per pack.


8V.I.P. Fussy Cat Grain Free Chicken & Turkey with Cranberry Dry Cat Food
Key features
Made with meat and protein
High in Vitamin D
Contains Biotin and Folic acid

The complex formula from V.I.P. covers macronutrients and micronutrients daily needs. It includes chicken, peas, vegetable pulp, Yucca, and cranberries. As one of the most diverse formulas, it is recommended as an all-in-one type of food. The food is also known for its added prebiotics which act to naturally fix any digestive issues cats may face.

Final Considerations

The best supermarket cat food Australia has to offer is not necessarily expensive. All types of flavours and formulas are covered by big chain supermarkets. Cat owners looking for the best deal may also look ahead towards new supermarkets opening up in Australia towards the end of the year. Kaufland is one of the new one-stop supermarkets currently entering the Australian market. The European brand also brings its discounted cat food under its brand which may challenge the affordability of existing supermarket cat food across the country.