Finding the best escape proof cat harness is important in ensuring your kitty’s safety especially outdoors. Read on to discover the best harnesses in Australia based on customer reviews.

Cat harnesses were created for the purpose of allowing owners to walk with their cats outdoors without letting them escape. This also helps keep them safe as unfamiliar environments could expose them to dangers such as speeding cars, dangerous animals or even getting lost. Getting an escape-proof harness is one of the best decisions a cat owner can make. Other benefits include:

  • Apart from helping cats get active through outdoor activity, they enhance the quality of life allowing cat owners to enjoy their feline companions out in the open.
  • Just like humans, cats get bored when they stay indoors. They also thrive on visual, mental and external stimulation. Taking a walk with them helps them stay stimulated and maintain a healthy weight.
  • A cat’s confidence and self-esteem improve when they explore the outdoors especially after friends come to visit or after a visit to the vet. They also need to relax.

3 Factors to Consider Before Buying a Cat Harness

Size: The fit of a cat harness is more related to its girth rather its weight. Measuring your cat across the chest as well as around the body and behind their front legs will help you determine what harness will fit them best. A good harness shouldn’t be so tight and getting one that is adjustable is a great idea.

Style: This depends on whether you want to look fashionable and trendy while walking your cat. Plus, who’s to say that some cats will frown upon anything that doesn’t bring out their personality. If your cat’s a diva, then why not get them a vest style cat harness with a cool print. It could also be a better choice if your cat is an escape artist as this design would prevent them from wiggling out of a harness.

Comfort: The fabric of the harness matters a great deal in making your cat feel comfortable. Therefore, make sure you choose something lightweight.

Tips for Training Your Cat to Wear a Cat Harness

  1. Once you’ve identified the best cat harness, you’ll need to introduce your cat to it slowly and perhaps motivate them with some treats initially so that they associate the harness with a positive outcome.
  2. Use the leash indoors first before going outside. Once they get a little used to it then you can go outside to your backyard for some more training.
  3. Observe how your cat moves when wearing the harness and see whether they look comfortable. Try and make adjustments where necessary.

6 Best Escape Proof Cat Harnesses

1Rabbitgoo Escape Proof Harness with Leash Set for Small Cats
What We Like
Made from premium pet-safe materials
Comes in 2 Sizes
Designed for Average Adult Cats: Neck Girth: 8.5 -11 Inches, Chest Girth: 13.5 – 16 Inches
Designed for Large to XL Cats: Neck Girth: 11 -13.7 Inches, Chest Girth: 18 – 20 Inches
What We Don’t Like
If your cat is between sizes, please go for the smaller size. This harness is not meant for newborn babies or small kittens.

Now, your indoor cat can bravely explore the outdoor world with maximum comfort and safety. All of the features are thoughtfully designed for a secured and comfortable wearing experience.

Customer review by Kaetlin51

“I bought this for my kitty because he likes going outside. The harness has worked so far and although my kitty has tried to escape from it when he gets scared, he hasn’t yet slipped out of it. The only wish the straps were easier to adjust, but then again, if they were simpler to slide, my feline fur baby might be able to slip out of it.”


2Rogz Alleycat Harness and Lead
What We Like
Ideal for small cats. Harness: 11mm by 24-40cm. Lead 11mm by 1.8m (Most Adult Cats)
Made from nylon webbing with reflective edging for visibility at night
Break-away safety buckle designed to snap open if your cats collar is caught or put under a dangerous amount of strain
Break-away load can be increased
What We Don’t Like
Not suitable for large cats

“Rogz Alleycat Harness Lead is developed for cats and made from reflective materials. The Rogz alleycat harness and lead ultimate cat accessories set provides your cat with maximum comfort and visibility while giving you the opportunity to take your pet for a stroll. The designer cat lead is top of the range and the adjustable cat harness is designed to fit any size and is easily secured with the clip clasps. The Rogz alleycat harness lead is the perfect combination of style and functionality.”

Customer review by VAE

“Good, solid harness, great quality. Bought it for my kitten when he was 8 weeks old and it fit perfectly. It is really extra small, at 4 months old and 3,3 kg, he already outgrew it. So I got him a big kitty harness now.”


3Expawlorer Escape Proof Cat Harness with Leash
What We Like
Made from breathable cotton with a soft lining and sturdy nylon webbing for safety.
Its design distributes leash pressure evenly across the cat’s chest and shoulders to prevent neck strain or discomfort.
The adjustable straps allow for a custom fit. Perfect for a cat, rabbit, small dog and other small pet walking, running or hiking.
What We Don’t Like
Not suitable for large cats

The harness comes with a leash, D-ring to attach leash so as to make sure you can safely maintain control if your pet attempts a daring escape.

Customer review by Mai Le

“Our cat takes some time to adapt to it, but now does well when we take her out in the harness. For reference she’s at roughly 4kg, is very fluffy, and the harness manages to stay on fine. You have to keep a firm hand though, as it can still slip off if the cat really tries.”

4PetSafe Come with Me Kitty Harness and Bungee Leash
What We Like
Adjustable fit: Two adjustment points allow you to custom fit the harness to your cat’s body type.
Easy restraint: The stretchy bungee leash allows some room or space as your cat approaches the end of her leash to prevent sharp pulling or tugging.
Large size is suitable for cats with a chest girth of 13-18 in.; measure the deepest part of the chest behind the front legs
What We Don’t Like
Does not have a long enough extender

Designed specifically for kitties, the harness applies gentle pressure to the shoulders rather than the neck or throat.

Customer review by Alex

“Harness seems very secure more comfortable than usual ones that go around the neck. The rubber bungey leash is much more popular with our cat than the noisy retractable leash we had previously. We might have to buy an extender as 1.2 metres doesn’t give you much leeway. Overall, worth the money. Very good quality!”


5SCENEREAL Escape Proof Cat Harness and Leash
What We Like
Made from soft and breathable materials to keep your cats comfortable
The harness is adopted Velcro closure, easy to put on and take off with two metal rings that provide better control
Except for Velcro, there are plastic buckles and clip for adjustment and are escape-proof
What We Don’t Like
The style may be a little too much and attention-grabbing for some people and their cats

This is a fashionable harness if you or your cat is into that kind of stuff. The outer surface is made from blue denim and would make an outstanding look if you want to match your cat. Size M: Fits chest girth 11.1″-14.8″, neck girth 7.8″-9.9″, leash length 4.9 ft.

Customer review by Robert

“Bought for my cat who was a young feral cat and kept escaping so I thought I would get him a Harness so he got the outside world but also under control. Great harness feel really well made and well padded. Personally seems a little tight for my cat however anything bigger would of allowed him to escape but this having 2 way securing gives me some confidence. Not yet took him outside as he would have to get used to the harness first.”

6Pupteck Escape Proof Cat Harness with Leash Adjustable Soft Mesh
What We Like
The walking vests provide more coverage and pressure distribution than leads, and it can be a good choice for cats who pull a lot during walks or for flexible felines who can wriggle out of a lead and scamper away.
Size L: Chest girth:14.1″-16.1″, Neck girth:10.1″-13.1”, Leash size:59″ (150cm).
The baby’s special soft Velcro is used in the neck and chest; a plastic closure is added to the neck to prevent the cat from escaping after get rid of the Velcro.
The harnesses are made with easy-to-secure Velcro, which makes outfitting your cat simple. It’s a soft mesh material that doesn’t suffocate nor overheat her when hot.
Two heavy D rings connect you and your pet when walking, running, jogging or hiking.
What We Don’t Like
A bit pricey as compared to other harnesses

Pupteck vest harness uses breathable air-mesh fabric to keep your cat comfortable. A well-fitting harness will keep your kitty safe and comfortable when walking, hiking and participating in other outdoor recreation on a leash.

Customer review by Michael

“I purchased this for my 1 year old Devon Rex cat, he is pretty tiny and nothing else could be found that fits around his neck sufficiently. He seems to have no issue with this harness at all. Seen as he is somewhat used to sweaters in the winter time, this did not phase him to wear. It is easy to put on and has a good build quality. The price and non-prime shipping had me lamenting over purchase for a long while but I am very happy with the outcome. Bottom line: If you need a very small sized harness to fit for a smaller/runt cat, this might be your best and only option. It will fit well, and is designed well – easy to put on and take off. Plus you’re not shoving anything over their face here, which is a big plus for cats!”