Are you looking for the best nail dog clippers or trimmers for your pet that is easy and safe to handle? Read on to discover the best brands based on customer reviews.

Finding the best dog nail clippers can make a lot of difference in easing the grooming process that your pets receive. This activity may seem tedious if one does not have the correct equipment to use. By having high-quality tools, the grooming experience becomes easy, fun, fast and precise for the pet and the pet owner.

Before we get into the crux of it, let’s take a look at the different types of nail clippers available in the market.

  • Scissors: These come in both small and big sizes which is fantastic as you can get the right size depending on how small or big your dog is. The advantage with these is that you can see exactly how much nail you’re cutting off.
  • The guillotine: With these, one cannot tell how much of a nail you’re cutting off but they also come in a variety of sizes which makes them versatile enough to be used on other pets as well.
  • The grinding tool: This one is basically like a sandpaper or emery board which you can use to grind your dog’s nails easily.

5 Best Dog Nail Clippers in Australia

1PetiCare The Illuminated Single Clippers with Safety Lock
What We Like
Has a protective guard to shield your dog’s nail from “over-trimming”
Easy-grip non-slip handles for a comfortable grip and ensuring a safe nail trimming experience
Suitable for both large and small dogs
What We Don’t Like
Slightly more expensive

Your grooming sessions with your favourite canine shouldn’t be nerve-wracking. When it comes to safety, this dog nail cutter takes the prize. Its protective guard will prevent you from hurting your dog through over-trimming.

Customer review by Finster on Amazon:

“We have a 9 year old labrador (who is large for the breed) with very big paws and big black nails. Her nails had never been trimmed and because they are black we were concerned that we might hurt her when trying to trim them. It was a two person job; my husband wielding a handful of biscuits and a large yoghourt pot smeared with peanut butter kept her totally occupied while I trimmed her nails. These clippers are brilliant, the guard means that only a small length of nail is trimmed with each cut and they are strong and sharp enough to cut labrador nails cleanly and easily. The only injury was when I caught my hand in the clippers because I wasn’t holding them properly! We cut her nails after she had been out in wet weather and they were softish so this made it easier on her too.I have given them a trim every week to get them to a sensible length. Highly recommended.”

2Wahl 2 in 1 E-Z Nail Clipper and Grinder
What We Like
All-in-one precision nail clipper with rotary nail file to smooth rough edges (battery operated)
Not a noisy tool
Includes an extra grinding tip and AA battery
What We Don’t Like
Nail file not very powerful.

If you’re looking for efficiency as a groomer, then this Wahl 2 in 1 nail clipper and grinder will get the job done. You not only get to cut the nails but can also file them and smooth rough edges. When you’re in the mood for a complete mani-pedi for your dog, this will be a must-have in your kit.

Customer review by Beth on Amazon:

“I was nervous to purchase a set of Clippers and clip my dog’s nails myself. This is a strong and sharp set of Clippers and did a great job! The nail file is not very powerful. But my dog is able to tolerate it.”


3Dog Nail Clippers and Trimmer by Boshel
What We Like
Made of stainless steel blades that remain sharp after many uses.
It has an inbuilt sensor that stops the user from accidentally harming the pet.
The non-slip handles give an additional grip that makes the clippers easy to use.
The clippers have an integrated nail file that sorts out the rough edges on the pet’s nails.
What We Don’t Like
It is a little expensive compared to other brands in the market.
It may not be ideal for little pups because of its large size.
The trimmer is exceptionally sharp and powerful so one should take extra caution when using the product.

This is the kind of clipper you can expect to use for several years. The stainless steel blades remain sharp after many uses. Plus, it’s so great to use a nail clipper with an easy grip and an inbuilt sensor that allows you to easily maneuver and not hurt your dog in the process.

Customer review by Sergej’s mum on Amazon:

“These clippers are so much better quality than the flimsy products available in most local pet stores, which are barely fit for purpose in comparison. They are well worth the slightly higher price, in my opinion. My dog’s nails are very hard but these cut through them with no trouble at all, which made me feel much more confident to tackle what can often be quite a tricky task. My dog still doesn’t enjoy it but I’m hoping that the process will become much less stressful for him as I become more efficient in carrying it out.”

4Safari Professional Dog Nail Trimmer
What We Like
Stainless steel made: The trimmer keeps a sharp edge that is critical clean and safe cutting your dog’s nails
Safety stop feature: This assures pet owners of the unlikely event of hurting their dogs while trying to cut their nails
Professional grade nail trimmer. The hardened steel on the Safari trimmers will hold a sharp edge for years
The handles do not slip
What We Don’t Like
The handles aren’t the most comfortable
The safety stop can only be adjusted to “on” or “off” position. It doesn’t help when trying to adjust to the size of the nail you want to clip away
It does not come with a nail file

The Safari dog nail trimmers will be very useful for dogs with tough nails as the trimmers have extremely sharp stainless steel blades make cutting nails easy, and the built-in safety will ensure that you don’t harm your pet. Safari offers its product in two sizes, small, medium and large. The Safari trimmer does not come with a nail file but has a locking mechanism that can lock the blades in place in order to prevent accidents.

Customer review by Anon at Amazon:

“Clippers worked very well for my Saint Bernard dog even though his nails are super thick. He’s very scared of having his nails clipped and because these clippers are so sharp we can quickly cut them without too much hassle. Ideal for its purpose.”



5Epica Professional Large Pet Nail Clipper
What We Like
The clippers are suited for both a variety of sizes of dogs
The safety lock is a great feature to have when not in use
The product comes with a lifetime warranty thus making it a good buy
This clipper is light in weight which reduces hand fatigue while trimming the nails
It’s an affordable product
What We Don’t Like
The rubber-coated handles may give a grip but are not the most comfortable
The clipper has a little screw located right under the blades that loosen up from time to time after a few nail trimmings. The screw itself is a key component in that it not only holds the dog nail clippers together, but it also keeps the guard in place.

Professional groomers will absolutely love this tool. Whether your dog has small or large nails, you will cut through them easily. Its stainless steel blade ensures that each cut is clean and easy. It’s also safe for the kids to use with its locking mechanism that works by squeezing the handle and sliding the lock into the safe position. Plus, the fact they have a warranty gives assurance for great quality.

Customer review by Rammstein215 on Amazon:

“Only used these once but so far they are very nice clippers! I was having a hard time cutting my 104lb German Shepherd’s very thick nails. Multiple previous store bought clippers would either splinter/chip his nails, or they just would not cut through, or he’d chip the blades or break the clipper handle all together!

These feel very sturdy and made nail cutting quick and easy with a clean cut, no splintering/chipping of the nails. My husband is the one who used them on him first but he said they were great and had no trouble cutting through the nails and was done in less than 3 minutes!

We are both too scared to use the nail guard guide, had a bad experience with one years ago on another dogs nails and I just can’t bring myself to trust them so I use my own judgement but that’s just me personally, I can’t rate these clippers about that.

No complaints so far! I’d definitely recommend for any dog, but these definitely are handy with thick nailed dogs!”