Picking the best dog house for your four-legged friend is not a walk in the park. Check out our buying guide – the 7 best dog kennels to buy; the cheapest canine shelters available in the Australian stores!

With a variety of designs in the market, it would definitely be confusing to select the one that stands out based on your taste, style and specific needs. Furthermore, you have to take into account considerable criteria – the dog’s size and condition as well as the kennel’s material and location to protect them from changing weather conditions. At the end of the day, you want what’s best.

A hound that is already used to a pet crate will have no problem moving into his new home, especially if he has some of his old bedding along with his favourite treat. On the other hand, a doggy that has never been into a kennel before may feel a bit reluctant. Imagine how hard it would be to tell him to get into an unfamiliar space! However, proper kennel training happens to be an ideal way to condition desirable behaviours into your domesticated pet.

1ESK Collection Exercise Kennel
What We Like
Ideal for puppies and fur babies
Removable bottom for easy cleaning
Windows made with breathable mesh material
Foldable design for practical storage
What We Don’t Like
Soft-sided dog enclosures
Does not have a roof to cover them from the sun or rain when used outdoors.

This kennel, from ESK Collection, is made from waterproof oxford cloth and breathable mesh – screens that make it easy for you to monitor your dog’s activity. This exercise playpen can be used outdoors or indoors.

This extra-large pen is composed of eight (8) foldable panels for easy set-up; measuring 122cm x 61cm [diameter x height]. Moreover, its convenient & space-saving design allows you to store it almost anywhere.

ESK Collection Exercise Kennel accentuates exterior storage compartments and an included travel tote so you can transport your dog’s favourite toys, snacks and supplies in one lightweight, easy-to-carry package.

2AmazonBasics Single Door & Double Door Folding Metal Dog Crate
What We Like
Includes heavy-duty, slide-bolt latches that secure the door.
The corners are rounded to keep the dogs safe
Easy to set up
Optional divider panel
Available in multiple sizes
Classic & sturdy metal construction
What We Don’t Like
It is not ideal for a bulky or highly intelligent dog; the metal wires aren’t robust enough to hold a large dog while a smart one will eventually pop the latches.

This AmazonBasics is renowned for its double design that makes cleaning very convenient, for you can reach any area with ease. Additionally, it has a plastic tray/pan that is easy to remove and clean.

It features a foldable design delivers simple storage and transportation. Thus, setting up is effortless and is just a matter of seconds! It also highlights an optional divider that increases this unit’s versatility for it can contain up to two (2) small puppies.

3SportPet Designs Travel Dog Kennel
What We Like
Airline(s) approved
Plastic construction is very easy to assemble
SportPet Designs 20″ (51cm) has a waterproof pet bed.
What We Don’t Like
For kennel trained dogs only

SportPet Designs’ Rolling Plastic Kennel is approved by the International Air Transportation Association (IATA) for use on planes. Being said, it comes with a water dish and four “live animal” stickers (which are required by most airlines) and has bungee holes, so you can rest assured that your beloved pet dog is safe and secured during the flight.

Anxious about transporting this travel dog crate from your home to the airport? No problem. Its removable wheels mean no more lugging across the terminal!

It is available in six different sizes; ranging from small [S] (which doesn’t have wheels) to 3XL. Made with sturdy plastic, metal and interlocking slats, this kennel is durable enough for daily use and travel.

4Arf Pets Soft Kennel
What We Like
Breathable, mesh window that zips open and close
Has a carrying strap for easier transportation
Features three (3) entrances
What We Don’t Like
It is not recommended for pet owners with an aggressive dog for it will sooner or later, chew the soft fabric.

This soft fabric kennel from Arf Pets is perfect for pet parents who go camping or just want a comfortable space for their dog at home. It comes in two sizes; the larger one can be used for dogs weighing up to 18 kilograms.

Featuring a water-resistant base and machine washable fabric cover, this kennel is super easy to clean and maintain. Its durable & heavy-duty yet lightweight & collapsible steel frame construction makes storing and setting up very simple.

5Midwest iCrate Starter Kit
What We Like
The bed is made of comfy fleece and polyester.
Dark crate cover serves some privacy for your dog
Three (3) available crate colours: black, pink, and blue
What We Don’t Like
Recommended for outdoor use only.

This one’s a metal wire dog crate from MidWest. The kit includes two doors and a plastic tray at the bottom, a soft dog bed, two metal bowls, and a crate cover – all in one for the new dog parents!

It highlights a foldable design for easy storing.

Provide your furbaby with a cozy space to nap. There is a wide range of covers designed for dog crates; they are way more classy and functional than the conventional and old towels.

6PetMate Two-Door Top-Load Pet Kennel
What We Like
Made of sturdy plastic and steel doors
Lightweight and very durable
Multipurpose & portable; can contain pets indoors or outdoors
What We Don’t Like
The oval-shaped holes on the side can be dangerous for your dog if it sticks its nose through it.

PetMate Two-Door is best and suitable for small dogs such as the Bichon Frise and Affenpinscher. It is ideal for travelling, making short visits to the vet, or truly as an indoor dog kennel.

The top-load design solves the agitation in pets that aren’t comfortable with side or front entry. Nevertheless, it offers visibility from different angles and makes it easy to place the pooch in and out of the crate.

7AmazonBasics Premium Folding Portable Soft Pet Crate
What We Like
Available in 5 trendy colours
Included soft fleece pad on the crate floor
Well ventilated
Top handle and shoulder strap
What We Don’t Like
The downside about the black colour variation is that pet hair is very noticeable/visible when it sticks to it.
Not advisable for aggressive dogs
The mesh windows are not that large for the dog take a nap inside during a car ride.

Portable Soft Crate is big enough and is specially designed for large dog breeds like the German Shepherd. It is foldable and easy-to-assemble; you only need to install the durable PVC frame and put the canvas cover on it. The crate is well-ventilated with its mesh windows.

There are limited options for those owning really large dogs, though. Before you purchase any huge dog kennel, define the purpose you buy it for. Every variety of pet crates has its features that suit your pet’s specific needs.

Always make sure that your pup is well crate-trained before putting him into the kennel. Some dogs can be greatly destructive when they’re unwilling to stay inside the dog cage while travelling. The only thing that can restrict the strong and aggressive dog is a quality, heavy-duty one.