Fresh water is primarily needed to keep our pet(s) hydrated and more hygienic. Hence, it promotes good health. Today, we came up with the six (6) best cat water fountains that are designed not only to give our companion a water feature of its own but also a device that encourages healthy drinking habits.

Serving water in bowls can sometimes deter pussycats from drinking as the water becomes stale after several hours. Apart from this, it also attracts dirt and food debris that facilitate the growth of bacteria. Research suggests that cats dislike still water because they learned to associate it with bacteria.

According to veterinarian Dr Jennifer Coates, an adult cat of 4.5 kilograms needs about a cup of water per day. Consequently, a pet drinking fountain can help ensure our cat is consuming enough fresh, clean, safe as well as enticing water each day.

1PetSafe Drinkwell Platinum Cat and Dog Water Fountain
What We Like
The large-capacity bowl and reservoir mean less refilling and less chance of your pet running out of water.
The free-falling water stream can be easily adjusted to meet the needs of your beloved cat.
The replaceable carbon filters keep water free of odours and bad tastes.
Prefilter ensures that hair and debris do not make their way into the pump.
Receiving ramp manages the sound of the falling water.
Top-shelf dishwasher safe
What We Don’t Like
As the top of the reservoir is rounded, you may need to hold it upright while filling.
This BPA-free plastic cat fountain is less hygienic compared to the stainless steel and ceramic ones.
It can be tricky to clean the inner part of the fountain.
There is no on/off switch; the cord must be removed from either the unit or the electrical outlet to stop the operation of the pet fountain.
For indoor use only.

PetSafe Drinkwell Platinum is ideal for households with multiple felines due to its large (4.97 litre) capacity with built-in reservoir. It features a pump with adjustable flow and a 12.7-centimetre free-falling stream that gives kitties plenty of room to drink water.

This pet water fountain includes a replaceable carbon filter that removes the odours and provides the water with a fresh, pleasant taste. Moreover, it is made of BPA-free plastic material. Thus, and it can be washed in a dishwasher.


2Catit Flower Fountain
What We Like
Adjustable flow control cap allows you to decide from 3 different flow rates: gentle flow, bubbling top or calm stream.
3 litres water capacity
Dual-action filtration system with water-softening features
Compact and energy-efficient water pump
Less hassle and easy to assemble/disassemble
It is easy to wash using natural soap.
Maximum oxygenation ensures fresher, safer, cleaner, and better-tasting water.
BPA-free material guarantees extra-safe and non-toxic for your best bud.
What We Don’t Like
May not be ideal for multi-cat households
Some problems with durability primarily related to the water pump
Few issues of certain microorganisms settling at the main reservoir
Not recommended by the manufacturer for dishwashing
The BPA-free plastic fountain is less hygienic compared to stainless steel or ceramic counterparts.

This pet water fountain has three water flow settings to meet the needs of a picky feline drinker. It features a small but energy-efficient pump and an extensive 3-litre re-circulating system that was designed to take up little floor space.

Furthermore, it is made of BPA-free material and includes dual-action water softening filter – removing chlorine odours, bacteria, debris and cat hair.


3Pioneer Pet Raindrop
What We Like
Fresh, circulating water increases your cat’s drive for hydration.
Reduces time refilling with its large capacity
Dishwasher safe, stainless steel construction allows easy cleaning.
Replaceable and activated carbon (charcoal) filter assures clean and pure water.
Modern raindrop shape
Stainless steel is safer and more hygienic for kitties.
Low noise
What We Don’t Like
Requires weekly fountain cleaning and monthly pump disassembling/maintenance
No adjustable flow control
If your cat prefers a free-falling stream, this fountain won’t be appealing.
Lacks a foam filter to keep hair and debris out of the pump

This cat drinking fountain features a stainless steel bowl; vet-recommended and fashionista-approved design! Pioneer Pet Raindrop is a big step up from boring water bowls. The rustproof surface is easy to clean and maintain – keeping bacteria away from building up and infecting your feline companion.

This cat fountain accentuates a circulating design, 1.77-litre capacity and replaceable charcoal filter that rids tap water of unnatural taste and odour.

4Cat Mate Pet Fountain
What We Like
Fully adjustable water flow mechanism
Features a replaceable polymer/activated carbon filter cartridge for added water purification
Easy to clean bowls help save time during routine maintenance
2.07-litre water capacity
The extremely quiet operation will not disturb or rattle your pussycat while drinking
Completely dishwasher-safe
Vet-recommended for health and vitality
What We Don’t Like
The pump should be disassembled and cleaned every two weeks to prevent building up of limescale.
Issues related to the motor’s reliability and durability
Few concerns with moulds building up inside the cat water fountain

The Cat Mate Pet Fountain provides fresh flowing water on multiple drinking levels: two waterfall streams & one pool. It includes a ramp to reduce water splashing – minimizing potential mess on the floor without negating the beneficial effects of continuously flowing stream.

Reviewers particularly emphasize one of its strong points; the Isolated Pump System (ISP) that enables remarkably (whisper) quiet operation. The pump has a low voltage power supply for safety and low (2 watts) consumption.



5IPETTIE Tritone Ceramic Cat Drinking Fountain
What We Like
Best for cats that develop chin acne from plastic
Holds up to 2.1 litres of water at a time
Comes with a spare pump that can be very useful in areas with hard water where pumps require regular cleaning.
The high-quality and natural ceramic is dishwasher safe.
Includes three (3) additional carbon filters
Easy to clean and disassemble/assemble
What We Don’t Like
Generally more expensive than plastic
Some concerns over the durability of the pump
The ceramic bowl is cumbersome (at 3.18 kilograms) and can break if dropped accidentally.

Made from natural ceramic, the IPETTIE Tritone Fountain is ideal if you are looking for a non-toxic and eco-friendly drinking solution for your domesticated pet. The cat water fountain features a triple free-falling stream design and dual filtration – using both chemical and mechanical systems.

Additionally, the foam pump stops pet hair, particles and other debris from entering the stream while the charcoal and carbon filter removes bad tastes and odours. The device runs ultra-quiet and is low in energy consumption, running at just 2 watts.


6Veken Automatic Cat Water Fountain
What We Like
Made from BPA-free PP resin that is durable and is especially designed for daily use for multiple kitties
Comes with a complete silicone pad to catch splashes, reducing the amount of water on the floor.
2.5 litres water capacity means less work while the circulation system ensures liquid is always oxygenated and fresh.
The bright colours and three (3) adjustable flow modes attract pet’s curiosity
Low consumption, ultra-quiet pump
What We Don’t Like
The pump requires cleansing every two weeks to ensure optimum performance.
Some pump durability issues
The cat drinking fountain requires access to mains electricity. Therefore, extra care needs to be taken with the placement of the cable.

The Veken Pet Fountain is designed for small to medium-sized pets and is perfect for supplying hygienic & fresh water for your furry feline. Its triple filtration system reduces particles and contaminants to keep your kitty healthier.

This water dispenser highlights three (3) variable flow design. It means that you can adjust the water flow to befit your puss’ needs. In addition, the energy-efficient (low consumption) circulation system oxygenates the water while its ultra-quiet pump operation could last for up to four years.

I looked over dozens of ‘cat water fountains’ aiming to find the ones of the highest quality that are suitable for any budget. I took into consideration the best recommended among Australian websites. Finally, I have selected and come up with the six (6) top-rated and best-reviewed water fountains you can buy for your furry companions.