The best cat scratching post offers great paw stretching flexibility for the little pets. It also has a biological role as it helps remove dead cells of the outer claws. Some even believe cats scratch as part of their grooming ritual. The following best scratching posts keep furniture safe as they offer a purpose-made solution for cats to scratch all day long.

1Bono Fido Cat Scratcher Morris Inn 1
Key features
Compact size
Easy to move around the house
Covered in cut pile carpet

This multi-purpose scratch post is one of the compact solutions for cats of all ages. It has a cylindrical shape at the bottom which suits nap tap. It also has a sitting platform on top where cats can sit without sacrificing the view of their surroundings.

Best characteristics

At a height of just above 65cm, the cat scratching post is not too big around the house. Even in apartments, it may be one of the options which doesn’t take up too much space in the cat’s play area.

Covered with cut pile carpet

Made out of wood and covered in cut pile carpet, the scratching post is safe for the cats’ paws. There are no loose ends to cause any harm and cats can scratch on the post as much as they want.

2Purrfect Pet Products Purr Cat Scratcher Gilbert
Key features
Made with sisal rope
Suitable for small space
Stable with no moving parts

Covered in sisal rope, this scratching post is as simple as possible. With a large base, it is stable and cats can scratch it as hard as they want. While it also comes with a small platform on top, it is not suited for comfortable nap time due to its small size.

Best characteristics

While many scratch posts try to complicate their role, this simple design is efficient in how it deals with the cats’ paws. However, nap time alternatives need to be purchased separately based on its simplicity.

Efficient design

Two platforms and a simple post are the three elements of the product. The post is covered with sisal rope while the platforms are covered in cut pile carpet. All of its wooden parts are covered and this makes it safer for cat claws.

3Purrfect Pet Cat Scratcher Simba
Key features
Made with 2 nap platforms
Includes 2 scratch posts
Covered in carpet

This simple design includes two platforms at various heights for a quick nap and two scratching posts for cats to stretch their legs on. With a simple design based on a solid base, it also holds two cats a time.

Best characteristics

At 90cm, the highest platform is already further up than most of its alternatives. This is the main reason it may sit next to a bed or sofa as cats still get a good view of their surrounding environment.

Two comfortable nap platforms

Two platforms even hold two cats at the same time. Both of the platforms have their scratch posts covered in carpet. As most designs made for scratching, the carpet is ultra-thick and properly glued to the post to last longer.


4Lulu’s World Cubox High Cat Scratcher
Key features
Made with a hidey-hole
Includes 2 nap platforms
Features a sisal rope post

Combining oak laminate finish with carpeted surfaces, this cat scratching post looks elegant. Its stylish appeal is also balanced by a multipurpose design. Cats can take a quick nap in the hidey-hole at the base of the post. They can also climb the post to take a quick nap on the top platform.

Best characteristics

At a height of 74cm, the cat scratching post is not the tallest in its class. It is one of the mid-size design, made for one or multiple cats.

Double platform fun

There are 2 platforms for cats to sit on. Both of these platforms are properly carpeted for the pets’ comfort. Furthermore, the hidey-hole is also carpeted so cats can nap in maximum comfort. These walls of the structure can all serve scratching needs.

5Vesper V-Base Cat Scratcher White
Key features
Made with an elegant design
Features a hidey nap platform
Made with an additional top-level platform

Uniquely-shaped, this cat scratching post has a modern design inspiration. It’s valuable in homes where the furniture is also modern. With its multi-platform appeal, it serves both as a scratching post and as a nap space.

Best characteristics

Being 45 inches tall, the scratch post is one of the compact options to choose for any space-limited cat play areas. Made with a long scratch post, it allows cats to stretch their legs from various angles.

Modern design

The main appeal of the product is its modern design. With a hidey nap area and with a large platform on top, it mainly serves elegant spaces with premium furniture.

6Lulu’s World Cubox High Base Cat Scratcher
Key features
Made out of oak
Features 3 platforms
Includes a hidey-hole

Designed with a triple pomp om cat teaser, the cat scratcher includes 3 platforms. At a height of 118cm, it is one of the tallest in its class. It also means large breed cats find it particularly comfortable compared to most other compact cat scratchers.

Best characteristics

With various posts and walls to scratch, cats can put their entire strength into the cat scratching post without it moving due to its heavy base.

Three nap platforms

The main reason to purchase the cat scratching post is given by the included 3 platforms at various heights. A hidey-hole is also used to create a private sleeping environment for cats.

7Paws & Claws Catsby Scratching Tower Hideaway
Key features
Made with a kitten-shaped hidey-hole
Covered with sisal rope
Compact size with a 58cm height

This affordable multipurpose cat scratching post is made for small spaces. With a width of just 30cm, it fits behind furniture or in other tight spaces. Its quirky design is completed by the cat-shaped hidey-hole.

Best characteristics

Normally used to deter cats from scratching furniture, the post also serves as an activity center. Its design allows kitties to climb and nap at the same time.

Sisal rope scratching post and ramp

Covered in sisal rope, the scratching post is durable and perfect for the outer claws. It supports plenty of abuse as it’s known for its durability.


8Lulu’s World Elephant Cat Scratcher
Key features
Elephant-shaped design
Features a horizontal scratch post
Fits underneath a desk

Those who might not have space for a traditional cat scratching post can consider the horizontal Elephant Cat Scratcher with all it has to offer. Unlike its alternatives, it can be stored underneath tables or work desks.

Best characteristics

Shaped like an elephant, this friendly design can be a good companion to kittens and adult cats. It offers quick access to sisal rope fun.

Horizontal post scratching

The horizontal design of the cat scratching post makes it even more interesting for cats who want a quick stretching session. Hours of fun play sessions can be ensured by the 36cm structure.

9You & Me Cylindrical Cardboard Cat Scratcher With Toy
Key features
Made out of cardboard
Suitable for travel
Can be used with other toys

This cylindrical cat scratcher is one of the minimalistic designs for pet owners to consider. It has great storage and travel potential due to its compact size. Made out of cardboard, the scratcher is also one of the lightest options smaller cats fully enjoy.

Best characteristics

The cardboard design recommends the scratcher as a move around the toy for cats to play with. Their claws can also hold it in place while they seek for hidden toys.

Holds various toys

Various toys such as tennis balls can be hidden inside the scratcher. This keeps cats occupied for hours while offering a simple cylindrical scratcher made out of corrugated cardboard.

10Bono Fido Cat Scratcher Morris Inn 2
Key features
Covered in a thick carpet
Based on the quick assembly
Includes 3 nap platforms

The Morris Inn 2 has a cylindrical shape platform and an included hidey-hole. Its grey charcoal colour is suitable for any home décor.

Best characteristics

There are 3 platforms cats can sit on and scratch at the same time. A long 128cm post is where they can scratch freely from any of the platforms.

High-quality carpet

The soft carpet used to cover the wooden parts of the cat scratching post makes it a premium product. Cats feel as comfortable as on real carpets while taking a nap. The best part is assembly requires no tools.

Final Considerations

The best cat scratching posts are made to last for years. The ultimate scratching post is the one that also offers other functions such as napping platforms. However, both the type of wood and the quality of the finishing affects the final price of a scratcher. It’s also worth noting sizing is a real issue, especially in smaller homes. Depth, height, and width need to be considered with these purchases alongside the actual materials.