Studies have shown the development of empathy among children who nurture pets. Read on to discover the best cat breeds that have a long lifespan, are affectionate and easy to maintain for your family.

The benefits of owning a cat have long been scientifically proven. Cats are known to reduce the risk of heart disease, improve sleep, reduce stress and anxiety and also mean fewer allergies for the kids. If you’re thinking about getting a cat, which is obviously why you’re here then we’ll try to make this compilation worthwhile. It is based on the following 3 criteria:


For many families, they like to have a pet that will grow with their kids into their teenage years. These feline friends are such great companions and it’s obviously better to have them for as long as possible. Your new cat will soon become part of the family and based on experiences shared by cat owners, losing them often causes great grief and also make one stick to getting a similar cat breed later on.


Most cat buyers want to find a friendly cat who can offer companionship to them and their families. It also helps when the cat is cuddly and friendly. Some breeds of cats such as ragdolls are popular for being affectionate and some such as the sphynx although perceived to be evil mainly because of their hairless body, are very friendly in nature.


A low-maintenance cat is everyone’s preferred choice especially when you consider grooming. You also need to take into consideration whether the cat is predisposed to certain diseases so that you can make sure to have some money aside for veterinary visits when you need to.

Top 7 Best Cat Breeds for Australian Families

While this list is developed with the above criteria in mind, it is important to note that just like people cats are also individuals. Although most rag dolls are known to be very affectionate, there are some with different personalities thus may not be as affectionate as one would imagine they should be.

Lovable Ragdolls

If you’re looking for a BFF kind of cat, then this could be your cat soul mate. This breed of cat is known to be very friendly with people and you can expect this cat to meet you at the door every day when you return home.


  • The lifespan of 10-20 years
  • Exceptionally affectionate and loves to sit on the lap and get attention
  • A larger breed of cat than most cats as it could weigh up to 7kgs
  • Sheds a lot in warmer climates
  • They’re not hypoallergenic but may be prone to heart conditions and bladder stones so veterinary care is a must
  • They’re addictive to have – once you own one you’re likely to get more ragdolls

My gorgeous ragdoll is extremely vocal. He “talks” to us all of the time. He doesn’t know how to use his indoor voice. He is so loud!! Quite operatic!! He can hold a meow for a good 5 seconds. And he absolutely LOVES to be combed and scratched. He is a true gentle giant.

Ragdoll cat owner Susan Chaplain

Maine Coons

These are actually some of the largest cat breeds with some weighing up to 15 kgs. One must be careful not to let this cat sleep with babies as it could suffocate them if cuddled too close. This is also the kind of cat to follow you around the house so if you don’t want that kind of expression of affection then this is not the cat for you.


  • Lifespan of 9-15 years
  • Very sociable, friendly and sweet
  • Fond of home-made food but have a higher propensity to obesity therefore rationing their food is recommended
  • Have dense fur in the back which protects them in cool climate
  • Need several clippers so that they don’t destroy furniture
  • Recommended to dynamic families especially in rural areas with a garden as they like to explore

If you treat a maincoon really well they will be the best cat you can ask for. So smart and loving while also being very pretty no matter the colour. I love my 9 year old male (Ollie) so much that I hate vacations since all I do is worry about him being home alone.

Maine Coons cat owner ALS

Sweet Siamese

If you’re looking for a chill relaxed companion, then a Siamese cat is just for you. These pretty, short-haired breed of cats are a perfect mix of an extrovert and introvert cat. They love to sit calmly on the lap. However, they’re known to be loud and therefore expect them to demand your attention early in the morning when they’re hungry.


  • The lifespan of 15-20 years
  • Have short hair and therefore grooming is easy
  • They’re easy to train
  • Does well with families provided you don’t mind their loud meowing

To those who say Siamese are mean: I’m typing this with my Meezer buddy curled up in my lap. If he’s awake when I get home, he greets me at the door and cries until he gets picked up. He follows me around the house. Curls up next to me at night. Loves to be snuggled. They can be territorial about their favourite human, though, singular. They may attach to a single person in a household to the exclusion of other humans. This may explain why a Siamese appears to be “mean” to someone. But on the whole, they are affectionate, intelligent, wonderful kitties. They ARE a challenge sometimes—VERY loud when they aren’t getting what they want and they will literally become depressed and anxious when left alone too long. This is why they are often seen in pairs. Not a good cat to leave at home alone if you work all day.

Siamese cat owner Nyanpoptarcat

The hairless Sphynx

Some people have misjudged the fact that these hairless or naked looking cats mean that they are evil. This couldn’t be further from the truth. In fact, the most consistent comment about these cats is that they’re extremely intelligent. You could literally lock them in a room and they will somehow find their way out. They may be mischievous but they enjoy the attention of people even more than other cats.


  • The lifespan of 8-14 years
  • High energy cat with an acrobatic prowess of a monkey
  • Well-behaved and easy-to-handle breed
  • A true extrovert: Loyal and affectionate towards owner
  • Comes in all colours and patterns including white, black, chocolate, lavender, red
  • Heavily wrinkled especially around the eyes and ears which is more apparent due to their lack of fur
  • Being that they’re hairless, they love to stay warm which is probably why they’re fond of rubbing their bodies against their owners
  • Very dexterous toes, which they can use to pick up things in their adventures
  • Sphynx kittens are prone to respiratory problems due to lack of hair

Btw if no one knows for any sphynx owners these cats are extremely intelligent and easy to train in what I mean by extremely they can literally think their way out of a locked room.

Sphynx cat owner Revoler


These are some of the cutest cats out there. This rare breed of cats in the past was popular among royalty. They’re very furry and look like stuffed animals you just want to snuggle. They also have sweet personalities and therefore make great companions for families.


  • The lifespan of 10-17 years
  • Flat face, round head, short limbs and thick long fur
  • The epitome of a lap cat, restful and undemanding personality
  • Affectionate towards family and guests but discriminating to strangers
  • Calm and quiet, not the type to destroy furniture
  • Prone to polycystic kidney disease therefore responsible owners need to take precaution and take them to the vet whenever there’s a concern

Owning a Persian cat is equal to have a very hairy couch where they sit! Or wherever they sit not the best breed for people who are less inclined to clean their rooms everyday but apart from that they’re the cutest things everAbyssinians.

Persian Cat Owner Earthshine


Abyssinians are not the cuddliest cats out there but are still very friendly cats. Also known as Abys, this is one of the most fearless types of cat. They’re also known to be very neat so expect to see them cleaning themselves often.


  • The lifespan of about 12-15 years
  • They’re energetic, friendly and intelligent
  • Very skilled into finding things to get into
  • Often does not like to be held
  • Do not shed a lot
  • Prone to diseases such as gingivitis, gum disease and therefore teeth should be brushed weekly

I have a 6-year-old abby and he immediately starts purring whenever he’s held. His favorite thing to do is just be held and carried all around the house. And it’s true, these cats are FEARLESS! You could be vacuuming or using power tools and the cat will just sit right next you watching. Only moving if something gets more than an inch close to it. You have to watch out as that lack of fear can sometimes get them into trouble.

Abyssinian cat owner Doomfinger

Blue-eyed Birman

Birman cats are known for their typical blue-eyes and cute brown nose. Some have a silky coat and others have furrier coats. Birmans have such sweet and friendly personalities and are known to be low maintenance especially as far as grooming is concerned.


  • The lifespan of about 12-15 years
  • Love attention and are easy to handle. Do not have many grooming requirements
  • They’re born totally white but develop a pattern weeks after
  • Fall asleep very easily
  • They don’t have an undercoat and don’t do well in very cold weather
  • They’re known to be prone to heart failure

My birman loves to chew on my fingers. I show her my finger and she just holds it in her mouth very softly and then she can sit like that for minutes. It’s like her pacifier I suppose.

Birman owner, Jollhansch