Petplan Pet Insurance Review (2019)

25 Dec, 2019 by Sylvia

Here’s everything you should know if you plan on taking pet insurance with Petplan.

Petplan pet insurance boasts a short 21-day waiting period for illness reimbursement. With 10% multi-pet discounts and with an increased annual benefit claim limit of $20,000, Petplan makes an impact in the pet insurance world.

Since it already has more than 1 million worldwide customers, the company offers a range of insurance plans no other company in Australia can offer. Apart from insuring cats and dogs, Petplan also insures horses and exotic animals. This is why it has a larger appeal to those with farms or to those who own a parrot. 4 insurance plans for dogs and 4 insurance plans for cats represent the packages pet owners can choose for their beloved friends.

Petplan’s TV advert

Petplan has multiple TV adverts, this is how it sees cat insurance plans.

Top Petplan insurance policies

Both cats and dogs can benefit from targeted insurance plans. There are 4 major plans on offer at Petplan and they all have various upper claim limits.

12 months Essential

This short plan covers vet visits and accidents. Pet owners should know it is mostly suitable for the occasional accident and it may not cover multiple unfortunate accidents within a year since it has a lower $7,000 maximum claim benefit limit.

Classic 1

This plan has a $10,000 maximum claim limit for dogs and a $9,000 maximum claim limit for cats. Death from illness, death from injury and boarding fees are included in this plan.

Classic 2

This plan has a higher annual claim limit. It is situated at $15,000 for dogs and $10,000 for cats. Complementary treatments and even alternative pet therapies are covered up to $2,000.


The comprehensive Petplan insurance policy has a $20,000 annual claim limit for dogs and a $15,000 claim limit for cats.

How much does Petplan pet insurance cost?

It costs $54.46 per month to insure a 2-year old cat under the Ultimate plan at Petplan. A more affordable option is represented by the $30.45 premium on the Essential plan.

Petplan 2-year-old cat Ultimate insurance plan

It costs $112.41 to insure a 2-year old Australian Labradoodle under the Ultimate plan. For simple accident cover, pet owners have expected a premium of $62.07 per month for the same dog.

Petplan 2-year-old Australian Labradoodle Ultimate insurance plan

What do customers say about Petplan

Petplan online reviews

Pet owners are positive about Petplan. Although there are a few stories in which the company failed to provide an answer for months, it seems many of them were due to technical problems. In order to fairly asses Petplan, a customer even made a large $14,000 claim. This was reimbursed in a timely manner and down the years, it was the same for all other claims.

Some expensive treatments have also been covered by Petplan as pet owners recall. Among them, physiotherapy and hydrotherapy were reimbursed. These are expensive treatments and they can follow various accidents.

A good method to asses a pet insurer is to look at the number of long-term customers. Many of these long-term customers admit the insurer is pricier than most other companies on the market. But it is the prompt response which made them stay with Petplan as most claims are fast to process.

Customers also recall most claims were fast to handle. There are two main methods of making a claim. The obvious method is to simply send all the vet’s bills to Petplan and await reimbursement. Another method is to make a claim through the vet or through the clinic.

Breeders might also act as intermediaries between the pet owner and Petplan. Customers even recall breeders opening up insurance accounts for their new pets which proved timely and practical. Since every breeder has personal insurance preference, it might be worth asking for a Petplan insurance plan in advance.

Those new to raising pets can also use Petplan as an information gateway. The company’s blog offers useful information, especially on raising cats or dogs. It might be worth investigating even the smallest details of owning a cat.

One of the areas where Petplan impresses is with smaller included insurance policies. One of them is the loss by theft or stray. Whenever a dog or a cat is lost, the company is ready to reimburse up to $2,000 on the Ultimate plan and up to $1,000 on the Essential plan. This is also one of the reasons breeders or those with multiple pets can consider Petplan.

With lifetime insurance, Petplan offers a complete care solution that might cost more, but it also covers more incidents and unwanted health problems. Pet owners can rest assured the company is prompt with the claims. Since it also has high annual claim limits, it is worth to sign up a pet who needs to undergo long-term therapies and treatments to one of Petplan’s insurance policies as they’re fully covered.


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