Pet Secure Pet Insurance Review (2019)

25 Dec, 2019 by Sylvia

Here’s everything you should know if you plan on taking pet insurance with Pet Secure.

Pet Secure ensures Australia’s cats, dogs, kittens, and puppies. Similarly to other popular insurers, it reimburses up to 85% of the vet bills. There’s no excess with the insurer and extras such as lifetime discounts are offered for each pet.

Unlike other insurers, Pet Secure offers a 21-day money-back guarantee for its plans and extras. One of the extras offered by the company is the Optional Wellness Care plan which offers up to $145 for various routine vet treatments.

Pet Secure’s TV advert

Pet Secure has an explanatory video in which it shows how its insurance claims work.

Pet Secure’s policy options

There are two main policies offered by Pet Secure. Its accidents cover is the simplest offering while the accidents and illness plan looks deeper into breed-specific illnesses as well. The annual benefit limits, as well as the extras, are different in these two main plans.

The Accidents cover

The accident cover has an annual claims limit of $8.000. Vet consultations are included in this plan but they’re limited to $300 per year. Emergency boarding is also covered up to $500 in every situation. Multi-pet discounts, service dog discounts, and Australian Pension Cardholder discounts are offered by the insurer.

The Accidents and Illness cover

This comprehensive policy has an annual $12.000 claims limit. Both emergency boarding and consultations are covered by this policy as well. But unlike the Accidents cover, it offers a variable claim percentage from 75% to 85%.

How much does Pet Secure insurance cost?

There are various payment methods accepted by Pet Secure. Pet owners can opt between yearly, fortnightly and monthly payments.

Dog insurance

A quick quote on a 2-year old Labrador shows the minimum monthly insurance cost is $27.15 for a cover which only covers accidents. The Accidents Injury and Illness cover cost $118.92 per month. A more comprehensive plan which includes a Wellness care extra costs $129.57 per month.

Pet Secure 2-year-old Labrador insurance plan

Cat insurance

Cat insurance plans cost less. A monthly plan for a 2-year old healthy Persian cat starts at $24.21 for the Accidents plan. An alternative Accidents and Illness plan costs $68.75 per month for the same cat.

Pet Secure 2-year-old Persian cat insurance plan

What do customers say about Pet Secure?

Pet Secure online reviews

Customers are satisfied with the policies offered by the insurer. There are numerous reviews and opinions dog and cat owners share on their experience. One customer recalls the insurance experience for a period of 10 years for 2 dogs.

The experience was positive and in this period numerous claims were made. In fact, the pet owner only paid a small fee which was then reimbursed by the company for most hospital claims. Some vets work with the insurer directly. This means they send their bills to Pet Secure instead of the customer.

Another customer recalls a positive experience when buying pet medication. The reimbursement system at Pet Secure is simple. All the bills for the medication are sent to the insurer. Customers then receive an SMS confirmation that their claim has been started. A cheque arrives in the post a few days later.

Our overall review of Pet Secure

It seems most customers are satisfied with how Pet Secure works. Since the company is already established, the trust from vets is already built. This is why a number of vets send their claims and bills directly to the insurer, which only simplifies the overall process.

There are no specific insurance boxes a pet needs to check to be covered by Pet Secure. General characteristics such as breed, age and desexing are what the insurer looks at in order to establish the general direction for the monthly insurance cost and the excess.

Pet Insurance is one of the insurer generally recommended for those with one or multiple pets. Only dogs and cats can be insured and this means the company is not as comprehensive with exotic animals as others. However, since it also accepts puppies and kittens, Pet Insurance can be one of the insurers to cover the entire life of the pet.

Claims are processed fast. Even if the annual maximum claims benefit is not the most attractive on the market, the responsiveness of the company is what sets it apart. The percentage of eligible vet bills is also a bit more flexible than with other insurers.

With various 10% discounts such as those for multiple insured pets, the company can be one of the first in the life of the pet. Since the price difference for the policies is high, pet owners need to decide on the right option from the beginning. Even if the most affordable plan is tempting, it only covers accidents. The balanced option is the Accidents and Illness cover which also ensures pets with occasional vet visits. The condition is that vets need to be certified.


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