Pet Insurance Australia Review (2019)

14 Nov, 2019 by Sylvia

Here’s everything you should know if you plan on taking pet insurance in 2019 with Pet Insurance Australia.

Internationally-recognized, Pet Insurance Australia offers various health plans for cats and dogs. The company has 3 main policies which are considered according to very specific health needs. Apart from policies that look at accidents and illnesses, the insurer also offers a policy that includes routine care extras.

The major advantages of the company include discounts of up to 5% on every other pet on the insurance policy. Overseas travel insurance and large emergency boarding fees also characterize the company. Waiting periods for the claims vary from zero to 30 days for illnesses.

Another important characteristic of the insurer is that it also covers hereditary and congenital conditions. Oftentimes, they have to be dealt with on a long-term basis and it could trigger the interest of pet owners with such inherited health issues.

Top policy options offered by Pet Insurance Australia

There are 3 policies to consider for those new to Pet Insurance Australia. They have a variable annual benefit limit between $6,000 and $15,145.

Pet Essentials

This minimalistic cover offers an annual benefit claim limit of $6,000. Interestingly, this policy reimburses 90% of the vet’s bills, which places it among the best for reimbursement value.

Comprehensive Cover

A $15,000 annual benefit claim limit is applied to the Comprehensive Cover. It reimburses 80% of the vet’s bills. The policy is also available at $, $100, and $200 excess options.

Major Medical Cover

This comprehensive plan comes with a $15,145 annual claims limit. Among others, it is the only Pet Insurance Australia plan which includes routine care cover.

How much does Pet Insurance Australia insurance cost?

Pet Insurance Australia is known to be one of the expensive side healthcare packs. Two of its plans come with a choice of $0, $100, and $200 excess. Here’s what pet owners can expect.

It costs $77.68 per month to sign-up a 2-year old Labrador dog to the Major Medical Plan. The monthly fee is only marginally lower on the Pet Essentials Plan.

Major medical plan insurance policy example for a 2 year old labrador dog with Pet Insurance Australia

It costs $55.93 to sign-up a 2-year old Australian Mist cat to the Major Medical Plan. The cost is lower at $42.26 with the Pet Essentials Plan.

Major medical plan insurance policy example for a 2 year old Australian mist with Pet Insurance Australia

What do customers say about Pet Insurance Australia?

From over 1,000 impressions or customer feedback notes, nearly 800 see Pet Insurance Australia positively. Most customers have very good experiences with Pet Insurance Australia but the company falls short in the same departments as others.

One customer recalls a positive experience with emergency boarding for a dog. The fees were reimbursed at an 80% value. The good news is the money transfer was made within 2 weeks which considerably reduced the financial pressure on the pet owner.

Pet Insurance Australia online reviews

Another pet owner recalls a painful period in which a dog has been diagnosed with terminal Lymphoma. The company offers full support over a period of 3 years which went on with expensive treatments. Such cases are the main reason why pet insurance exists in the first place.

However, the insurer also has a major problem from the perspective of the pet owner. Once a dog or a cat reaches the age of 9, there’s an annual premium increase that grows year on year. What customers are complaining about is that there’s no upper limit to this premium increases.

Continuing along the line of the premiums, pet owners are left without any real choices after their pet reaches this age. As most insurance companies won’t take on pets as old as 9, it means pet owners have their hands tied.

But this policy is already stated by Pet Insurance Australia when signing up for its insurance plans. However, more needs to be done in terms of transparency to avoid the situation where customers don’t know what to expect when the pet reaches the age of 9.

Our Pet Insurance Australia review

Pet Insurance Australia is one of the companies which limit yearly premium with a choice of 3 excess options. This means that year on year, the premium doesn’t increase or it only increases slightly. The company has clear policies but it may not be the first choice for those with older dogs and cats.

Its major strength lies in the Pet Essentials cover which offers 90% vet bills reimbursements. It is where pet owners can claim more, up to the yearly limit of $6,000. Apart from cancer treatments, cruciate ligaments issues, and consultations, this plan is one of the most financially-rewarding for young pets.

Smaller benefits may also work for those seeking a few reasons to sign up for their pets to Pet Insurance Australia. The company offers one of the highest emergency boarding fees reimbursement. Up to $1,200 per policy can be claimed in such cases. However, this is considerably lower at $500 with the basic Pet Essentials plan. But even this plan still covers a lot more of the emergency boarding costs compared to many other pet insurance companies.


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