Pet Barn Insurance Review (2019)

08 Nov, 2019 by Sylvia

Here’s what Pet Barn pet insurance covers, how much it costs and what their customers think of their services.

Pet Barn Review: High Annual Claim Limits

Pet Barn pet insurance provides coverage for both cats and dogs. The brand is known by animal lovers as it integrates an online shop. Its insurance policies are calculated in 3 simple plans which can be accessed by all cat and dog breeds. Compared to some other pet insurance companies, Pet Barn has higher annual claim benefits and this means it favours pets that need to see the vet regularly. This could be due to an illness or simply due to the nature of a breed more prone to health issues.

Keeping a pet healthy with Pet Barn is based on 3 plans. With its best plan, Pet Barn offers a $20,000 annual claim limit which impresses even the most demanding customers. But there’s more to Pet Barn than its maximum claim limit. Dental and cruciate ligament treatments are also covered to an extent by these plans.

Catered for pet owners of all ages, Pet Barn has a simple claims process. It is among the rare insurance companies which offer both an online and a paper-based claims system. Even those opting for a paper-based system are given access to standardized claim forms.

Pet Barn’s TV advert

Those travelling with their pets can get a few quick tips from Pet Barn’s travel tips TV ad below.

Top Pet Barn insurance plans

There are only 3 insurance policies to choose from at Pet Barn. They range from $10,000 to $20,000 in annual claim limits and they can be accessed as soon as the puppy or the kitten reaches 8 weeks of age.

  • Saver Plus

The Saver Plus insurance plan is where pet owners start their journey in the life of their pet. It only covers accidents and illnesses and it has an annual claim limit of $10,000. Furthermore, there’s no upper age limit for this plan for any pet. Eligible bills within these policies are reimbursed by 50%.

  • Essential

Essential Accidents and Illness policy has an annual claims limit of $15,000. It covers vet bills by $15,000 and it is the first solution that incorporates routine care and dental care benefits up to $500.

  • Ultimate

At $20,000, the Ultimate insurance plan offers one of the most comprehensive insurance plans in its class. Without a doubt, it’s hard to match by most other pet insurance companies especially since it includes dental care benefits up to $750. Cruciate ligament treatments of up to $2,600 per year are also covered in this policy.

How much does Pet Barn pet insurance cost?

To calculate the insurance cost, pet owners need to fill in their pet’s age, gender, and breed. They can also do this over the phone.

It costs $71.62 per month to insure a 2-year old German Spitz. This plan includes a $20,000 annual claim limit.

insurance costs for a 2-year-old German Spitz

It costs $44.98 to ensure a 2-year-old LaPerm cat. The ultimate plan can include dental care and routine care.

insurance costs for a 2-year-old laPerm cat

What do customers say about Pet Barn?

Pet Barn online reviews

Customers are generally happy with Pet Barn’s pet insurance. Many of them are directed to these policies through the online shopping platform where they purchase pet food. At the same time, the company offers simple policies that even made a few customers change their existing insurers.

One customer recalls having a positive experience with Pet Barn insurance even when a claim was made. Furthermore, the insurer managed to abide by all of their statements. Along with the bill, customers also need to send in a medical history sheet for their pet before making their first claim. This is where some issues may arise with late or discarded claims.

Sales and discounts were linked to a few rare problems. Customers often get discounts when shopping for pet food on Pet Barn after joining their insurance plan. These discounts may be only applicable in a given timeframe. This is why some of them were not honoured.

Our review of Pet Barn pet insurance

Pet Barn offers a simple claims process and it reimburses the vet’s bills quickly. This is the most important offering of the company and it does it well. A dog owner recalls making multiple claims for her pet and all of the claims were processed in a timely manner.

Pet Barn pet insurance can alleviate some of the stress often tied to dealing with health issues. Pets are stressed during this period as well and this is why the policies support various claim methods. Most importantly, good pet health is a matter of prevention. This is why the included routine care claims should be used to their maximum capacity. Pet Barn is one of the few companies which extend this routine care claims up to $750 per year. There are no reasons to postpone frequent vet visits for this reason.


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