Kogan Pet Insurance Review (2019)

13 Nov, 2019 by Sylvia

Here’s the breakdown of pet insurance options with Kogan Pet Insurance, its costs, what their customers think of their services and our opinion of it.

Cats and dogs are met with dedicated insurance plans by Kogan Pet Insurance. The company has differentiated policies for indoor cats, which face distinct challenges to those who live outdoors. Dogs are also insured by various accidents and illness plans. Up to 80% of the eligible bills are reimbursed whenever the pet leaves the vet.

Since the company also offers life insurance and home insurance, pet owners can have a single account for practical reasons. At the same time, there’s only one method of making a claim and its through online forms. But regardless of the type of claim, pet owners can rely on the differentiated insurance plans to get very specific health coverage policies. Annual claim limits are low compared to other insurers, but they cover the basic needs of cats and dogs.

Kogan Pet Insurance top policy options

4 pet insurance plans can be chosen for kittens, puppies, cats and adult dogs. All of these plans list the health issues they cove and the health problems which are not covered.

Indoor Cat cover

This policy is suitable for indoor cats between the ages of 8 weeks and 9 years old. A $5,000 annual benefit limit applies to this policy. Consultation fees of up to $300 per year are also reimbursed. The policy also covers emergency boarding up to $500 per year.

Pet Primary cover

Suitable for accidents such as burns or snake bites, this policy has an annual claim limit of $8,000. It allows pet owners to take their cat or dog to any licensed vet across Australia.

Pet Value cover

This value-based policy has a $7,000 annual limit. With 70% of eligible vet costs, it is suitable for varies accidents and common illnesses.

Pet Luxury cover

With the largest annual benefit claim limit of $15,000, this comprehensive plan has the most benefit. It has 3 excess options, overseas insurance coverage, tick paralysis, and euthanasia reimbursement.

How much does Kogan Pet Insurance cost?

The various plans at Kogan Pet Insurance come at significant price differences. This is why policies can double in price from the Primary insurance plan to the Pet Luxury insurance plan.

It costs $163.22 per month to insure a 2-year old Rottweiler dog with $0 excess. The monthly fee is significantly lower for the Pet Primary plan which covers accidents and illnesses for $61.02 per month.

Pet Primary insurance example with Kogan Pet Insurance

It costs $71.38 per month to insure a 2-year old British shorthair cat. This fee is paid with the comprehensive Pet Luxury Plan. Indoor Cat insurance costs $42.53 per month for the same cat. This can go down further to $37.15 with $50 excess.

Indoor Cat insurance example with Kogan Pet Insurance

What do customers say about Kogan Pet Insurance?

Since Kogan Pet Insurance is more expensive than other similar plans, the company is not as popular with pet owners as others. This is why it lacks customer feedback which is specific to these online services. However, Kogan is popular in life and car insurance and existing customers can also migrate towards pet insurance within the Kogan company.

Given the high monthly prices of the Pet Luxury Plan, pet owners can opt for a more affordable pet insurance plan. The Pet Primary policy is one of the best alternatives. With growing pet care spending, such an alternative is positively-received by pet lovers.

However, even this plan doesn’t include pre-existing conditions. This is something very few pet insurers cover. But on the other hand, pets get interesting policies within this plan. Overseas insurance, tick paralysis, motor vehicle incidents, soft tissue injuries, and heat stroke are all covered by this more affordable insurance plan. Emergency boarding of up to $500 is also covered.

Clearly, Kogan Pet Insurance is limiting in what it has to offer. But the shorter list of benefits is not necessarily met by lower monthly fees, which is where most potential customers struggle to give credit to the company.

Our general review of Kogan Pet Insurance

While it has interesting policies, Kogan Pet Insurance still needs to improve its services and adjust its prices to the competition. One of the areas where there’s plenty potential is with its indoor cat policy. Pet owners acknowledge that even cats living indoors face inherent health problems. Indigestion, ingestion of foreign objects, and even diabetes are real health concerns for indoor cats. This is why Kogan covers these problems but it doesn’t offer too much in return with the other policies.

It’s also important to underline the early premium is increasing with Kigan without any excess. This is why its top Luxury insurance pack is one of the most expensive on the market. Apart from these costs, pet owners also need to expect higher costs once the pet reaches the age of 9. The standard reimbursement of 85% drops to 65% once Kogan-insured pets reach this age.


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