Can You Have Dogs if You Work Full Time? Here’s How

18 Sep, 2019 by Sylvia

Dogs are considered a man’s best friend. The way they’re excited every time you come home will instantly put a smile on your face. But for busy professionals, getting a dog may seem daunting with the responsibilities it brings. They have to be fed, walked, and, most importantly, socialised with.

There is no doubt that having a pet does require you to take on additional responsibilities. The beginning, however, is the hardest part. Potty training, developing the right personality, and ensuring your dog doesn’t get separation anxiety are all important things you should invest in during the first days with your new pet so that it can become more self-sufficient. Having a dog isn’t like having a fish in a tank that you feed once in a while; it does take some effort each day but you can make sure the dog has access to all the necessities in your absence.

Not to worry though. You can have it all. You can have a demanding job and have a puppy to keep your spirits up. The first step in all this is to find the right type of breed.

Finding the Right Mate – Low Maintenance Dogs

Just like when you’re looking for a partner, you have to be honest about your needs and pick the right dog breed that suits both your personality and schedule.

There are many low maintenance dog breeds that are known to be chill and perfect for busy (or lazy) owners. Normally, small dogs could be considered low maintenance as they eat and exercise less and can fit in a small apt no problem. Don’t be dismayed, fans of large dogs – you won’t be excluded. For dogs to be low maintenance, they also should be intelligent dogs. This way, it doesn’t take too long to train and you don’t come home to unpleasant surprises.

Here are some examples of the best dogs for those who can only afford to adopt low maintenance dog breeds.


Studio shot of two adorable Havanese dog - isolated on grey background.
Photo: kisscsanad / Adobe Stock

Small and gentle, they are great companion dogs with whom you can also travel. They love sitting on the owner’s lap and that’s just about all they need. Low energy, no excessive exercise needs besides daily walks, and minimal grooming needs. The trifecta of a laidback dog breed.

One thing to watch out for is making sure that your Havanese is exposed to early socialisation. Otherwise, they could become quite timid and sheepish.


Papillon dog lying on the couch stretching his paws
Photo: fast_9 / Adobe Stock

Papillons are high energy, wanting your attention and affection. They are extremely intelligent and excellent at training. They will learn your rules and preferences fast, which is important if you can’t take time off to potty/house train your new pups.

They will do impressive tricks and jump through any hoop to make you smile. Now, isn’t that exactly what you need when you come home completely exhausted?

They are always ready for playtime whenever you are.

Shih Tzu

Shih tzu dog lying in home interior
Photo: chaoss / Adobe Stock

Shih Tzu is really playful and loves attention. Their friendly and whimsical nature makes them a good companion for you, your family including small children, and even other dogs. So getting two of them could make it easier for you to leave them behind when you head off to work.

The only thing is that they need regular visits to the groomer, once or twice a month.


greyhound dog portrait in a park
Photo: Bianca / Adobe Stock

Despite being known for its speed, a greyhound is actually extremely calm and takes a lot of naps. They don’t bark or fuss too much. In fact, they can be very timid if they didn’t grow up around other dogs.

They are easy to train and mellow enough to not lose their minds while you’re away. Being natural and curious hunters, greyhounds will jet off and chase after a creature of interest in public so keep them leashed at all times. Greyhounds also mandate minimal grooming and an occasional bath.

If you prefer small size, Italian greyhounds might be a good fit for you.


studio shot of funny pug dog, isolated on grey

Most pictures of pugs on Instagram are of them sleeping or resting on the couch. They love doing a whole lot of nothin’, which is just the right energy level for tired dog owners. But since they have trouble regulating their own body temperature, you must make sure they are not left alone in too hot or too cold conditions.

They surprisingly are shedders despite their short coat and require frequent grooming.

English or French bulldogs

English bulldog hiding in the grass,selective focus
Photo: Family Business / Adobe Stock

Calm and easygoing, English bulldogs are perfectly low maintenance. They don’t really care for daily exercise and just want to be petted. The perfect lapdog.

Their short hair allows you not to have to deal with weekly brushing. The wrinkles on their faces must be wiped regularly as they are more prone to skin irritations and infections.


shot of an adorable Dachshund standing on background
Photo: rahwik / Adobe Stock

Dachshunds are intelligent dogs that also love rough playing despite being small breeds. So for active dog owners who want to take their dogs out for some extreme exercises on the weekends, dachshunds would be a great fit. They are watchdogs so they bark a lot and can be jumpy. But they are obedient, so training can help curb some of these potentially annoying behaviours.

They can be stubborn and demanding but they are adaptable and loyal.

Golden Retrievers

Cute dog near open window at home
Photo: Africa Studio / Adobe Stock

Golden Retrievers are the most friendly dogs that are basically on every poster as a typical family dog – because of their gentle nature that renders them to be great service dogs. They are positive and easy to please but require a lot of exercise due to their high energy and need for attention.

Lazy daily walks just won’t cut it – but walking these lovable things will never feel like work!

Building the Right Environment for Your Furry Mate

An automatic pet food dispenser isn’t too expensive if you’d like to maintain a regular feeding schedule even while you’re away. Back in the day, you had to leave enough in the bowl to feed him throughout the day but dogs get overenthusiastic and eat everything in one go.

But now you can feed your pups as if you were physically present.

There are two things a dog needs – food and walks! Hire dog walkers on apps like Pawshake or Golden Leash and observe your dog’s exercise live. You may also want to invest in having a digital heater and air conditioner that you could manage remotely to ensure that your dog is comfortable and safe in your absence.

With the right tools and resources in place, you should be all set to bring a dog into your life without having to change your lifestyle!

Making Sure Your Dog Has a Social Life

For those who work late or can’t really spend time consistently with your dog, it will help if there is a companion in your absence. Having two puppies could be a solution. And on some rare occasions, a dog and a cat become friends as well. If they are keeping each other entertained, you wouldn’t feel so guilty coming home late!

It is important that they develop a personality that is not so dependent on the owner’s attention. How much exposure the dog has to other dogs and humans in its early days determines the level of independence, shyness, and social preferences you can expect. Dogs who are used to hanging out with other dogs and people since they were young tend to be easier to raise as they are not particular about who walks them or plays with them. They are also don’t mind being alone as much. This will make life easier for you.

Socialising with other dog parents who can watch your dogs when you need is going to prove valuable down the road so invest in it early. You guys can take turns going on holiday so you can relax knowing your babies are well taken care of! It really does take a village to raise a (dog) child.


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