Guide Dogs Pet Insurance Review (2019)

14 Nov, 2019 by Sylvia

Here’s everything you need to know about Guide Dog Pet Insurance and their pet insurance policies.

As its name suggests Guide Dog Insurance covers health needs guide dogs might have. The company also insures all other types of dogs and cats as well. 3 levels of cover characterize the insurance company and they are made to deal with different health issues. While the basic plan takes care of accident bills and some illness bills, the top plan also covers optional routine care costs.

Guide dogs are fantastic. They do a job for which they are properly trained and they help people get on with their daily lives. Unlike regular dogs, guide dogs go through rigorous training and their supportive role requires good health and fitness. This is why third-party liability insurance is included in guide dogs. As with many other insurers, pre-existing conditions are not covered. This is one of the reasons why its highly advisable to sign a dog or a cat up as soon as possible.

Guide Dogs Insurance’s TV advert

The official TV advert offers quick information blurb about what’s included in the pet insurance plans.

Top policies offered by Guide Dog Insurance

3 policies make Guide Dog Insurance a company with high annual maximum claim benefits. The most common illnesses and accidents are covered in these 3 plans.

Basic Care

Made for guide dogs 9 years and older, this plan covers accidents and illnesses. The insurer offers a maximum yearly claim of $15,000 for the plan. Guide dogs also benefit from third-party liability within the plan.

Comprehensive Care

With a $15,000 maximum yearly claim benefits, the package is made for dogs and cats 8 weeks and older. Up to 80% of the vet’s bills are eligible for reimbursement. Excess varies between $0 and $50 to diminish premiums.

Premium Care

Up to $20,000 can be claimed each year with the Premium Care package. Cats and dogs protected by the plan need to be 9 years and younger. Optional routine care is available. The plan also offers aid to Guide Dogs Australia.

How much does Guide Dogs Insurance cost?

Prices vary according to the age, breed and pre-existing conditions at the insurer. All new customers have to fill in a form. The sex of the pet may also slightly influence the price. As a general rule, the price is similar to the ones below.

$70.79 is the monthly fee for a 2-year old Australian Cobberdog. The same dog reaching the age of 9 as a guide dog would cost $90.71 per month to insure.

Insurance policy example for an Australian Cobberdog with Guide Dogs Pet Insurance

It costs $51.54 to insure a 2-year old Birman cat under Comprehensive Care. This monthly fee increases to $56.44 under the Premium Care plan.

Insurance policy example for a Birman with Guide Dogs Pet Insurance

What do customers say about Guide Dogs Insurance?

Customer service, no age restrictions, and responsiveness are mentioned as major strengths by the company’s customers. Most customers making an enquiry about the insurance plans are called by a Guide Dog Insurance representative. The company presents its services and potential customers appreciate the sales agents’ knowledge without being aggressive in their approach.

Guide Dogs Pet Insurance online reviews

Taking on dogs older than 9 is another major advantage customers are happy about. Many other insurance providers don’t have such an option. In fairness, most acknowledge the prices for this option are higher than normal insurance fees. However, since many people have older guide dogs, it’s reassuring to know their potential health problems or accidents are covered.

Claims are usually processed within 2-3 days. Most customers make the claims online and they are happy to see a response time which is surprisingly short. Furthermore, all documents can be uploaded online for these fast responses.

Our Guide Dogs Pet Insurance review

The insurance company has a range of advantages and disadvantages, as with any of its rivals. It takes on older dogs and cats and it has a considerable annual benefit limit. But it also has a few exclusions. Dental care is not included in any of the 3 insurance plans. The same applies to pre-existing conditions, grooming, and pregnancy. Breeding-related conditions are excluded from reimbursement as well.

Among other unique Guide Dogs Insurance benefits, radiology, overseas travel, and euthanasia are covered by the insurer. Combining these pluses and minuses, the insurer becomes a solution for aging dogs and guide dogs. Cats can also be insured but pet owners need to know dental procedures are not covered by the insurance. Pre-existing conditions are not supported either. New customers need a vet’s document showing the pet’s medical history to prove there are no pre-existing conditions.

While those signing up their pets on Guide Dogs’ Insurance plans will pay more than with the average alternative, they also benefit from fast response times. There is no customer feedback reporting any reimbursement delays, which is hard to match even by some of the most popular pet insurers.


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