Bow Wow Meow Review (2019)

23 Sep, 2019 by Sylvia

Cats and dogs are covered by the insurance plans offered by Bow Wow Meow. These plans differ according to the age and breed of the pet. Bow Wow Meow is also one of the companies insuring indoor cats with a dedicated plan.

Flexible cover options with no excess are available through the insurer. With a range of flexible cover options, pet owners can also opt for routine care coverage plans. Among other strengths, the insurer offers a simple claims process with a high rate of processed cases within 10 days. As a result, Bow Wow Meow is the winner of Product Review Best Pet Insurance in 2019.

Bow Wow Meow’s YouTube advert

The company’s TV advert looks at the main benefits of pet insurance. These benefits are then discussed in detail on the official YouTube channel.

Top policy options at Bow Wow Meow

Dog insurance and cat insurance is offered by Bow Woe Meow. These plans are different in what they cover and they are also priced accordingly.

Dog insurance

3 dog insurance plans are available through the insurer. The Piece of Mind plan is made to offer comprehensive cover for accidental injury and illness. Another option comes with the Ultimate Care Plan which is the top option for accidents and injuries. A third option is available through Accident Plus Plan which covers accidents as the name of the plan suggests.

Eligible annual benefit limits vary from $10.000 to $20.000 for these plans. Part of these maximum limits is inclusive of tick paralysis annual limits between $1.200 and $3.000.

Cat insurance

4 policies are specializing in cat insurance. The Peace of Mind Plan comprehensively covers accidents and injuries. The Ultimate Care Plan is a top plan for injuries and accidents. The Accidents Plus Plan takes care of typical cat injuries. A dedicated Indoor Cat Plan cover specific health issues faced by indoor cats.

These plans can be further categorized by their annual benefit limit. This limit varies between $5.000 and $20.000. Zero excess applies to 3 out of the 4 policies. As a result, pet owners can cover even smaller vet visit bills.
In the 15 Best Pet Insurance Companies Reviewed And Compared analysis, Bow Woe Meow’s top annual benefits limit shows to be similar to those offered by PetBarn and Guide Dogs Insurance.

How much does the Bow Wow Meow Pet Insurance cost?

Similarly to other insurers, Bow Wow Meow considers a few variables when coming up with a price for their plans. This includes aspects such as the date of the birth, breed, where the pet lives, and the selected cover plan.

A simulation with a 3-year old German Shepard comes at a minimum of $48.26 per month under the Accidents Only plan. A comprehensive plan such as Accidents and Illness costs the owner between $85.91 and $118.17 per month:

Bow Wow Meow Dog Insurance - 3yr German Shepard

A simulation with a Persian cat aged 3 leads to a minimum insurance plan starting at $30.77 per month. The Ultimate Care plan for cats costs $64.14 each month:

Bow Wow Meow Cat Insurance - 3yr Persian Cat

Customer reviews of the Bow Wow Meow insurance – Here’s what they say

Bow Wow Meow is one of the insurers which already enjoys great popularity among its customers. 62% of Bow Wow Meow customers rate their plans as Excellent.

Bow Wow Meow Trustpilot Reviews

A customer describes the care plan of a dog over 4 years. In this time, the pet owner needed to cover large bills from the vet, due to serious health problems. All payments were described as prompt and Bow Wow Meows fast claims process is confirmed.

Another customer shows how his Staffordshire needed emergency body removal surgery. Under normal circumstances, these surgeries cost thousands of dollars. In the end, the insurer covered 80% of the bill and this then led to savings of $3.000 for the pet’s owner.

Other clients attest that the claims process is easier than expected. Every claim goes through the insurer’s online platform where every customer enjoys a private account. Since everything is done online, the claim process is fast, even if it varies from case to case.

Overall review of Bow Wow Meow

As a general impression, Bow Wow Meow specialized in dog and cat insurance. Going deeper into their plans, many customers see that the insurer has some of the most comprehensive annual benefit limits. The company accepts many types of breeds, both for cats and dogs.

Depending on the breed of the pet, the insurer lists the most common health issues faced by the pet. This and other variables such as age and health status impact the monthly insurance cost.

However, the positive response from customers and the great reviews the company enjoys recommends the insurer for fast payments and covered bills even in case of emergency. Further benefits include a 10% discount for every additional pet, which can add up over a year.


The following discounts are automatically applied on applying for a new policy:
• Pets that are under 12 months on sign-up get 2 months free in their first year (note that the discount will be spread over their monthly payments for the first 12 months of cover).
• Pets that are over 12 months and under 4 years old on sign-up get 10% off their premiums in their first year.
• All pets that sign-up will be sent a coupon for a free personalised ID tag once their 21-day cooling off period has ended.


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