The Best Dog Car Harness Australia Has To Offer

02 Jan, 2020 by Sylvia

No safety measure is sufficient for our beloved pest. Even the best dog car harness products Australia has to offer have their limitations. But travelling without any safety measures can lead to all types of accidents. Having the dog secure to the backseat of the car is the first safety measure to protect the men’s best friend in case of an accident. At the same time, a properly-restrained dog doesn’t distract the driver. Here are the best dog car harnesses which can be purchased in Australia.

1. EzyDog Drive Car Harness

Ezydog drive car harness

This harness is known for its strength and adjustability. Its webbing is made from seatbelt material which makes its extras strong. But the harness is also adjustable. While it offers the dog sufficient room for comfort, it also locks the pet securely. An attached D-ring helps escort the dog to the car.


  • Made with seatbelt webbing
  • Tested in frontal car crash scenarios
  • Includes a leash D-ring

Where to buy: Ezydog

Price: $99.95

2. Dog Seat Harness & Belt

Dog Seat Belts harness belt black

This harness is quick to adjust and it acts both as a car harness and as a leash. While it is adjustable, it still needs to be selected according to the dog’s size. S, M, and L harnesses are available from the manufacturer. Together with a leash, it secures the dog on the backseat of the car for all types of inner and outer-city drivers.


  • Made from nylon, mesh, and polyester
  • Available in multiple sizes
  • Can be used on walks

Where to buy: Dog Seat Belts

Price: $39.95

3. Ruffwear Web Master Harness

Waggle ruffwear web master harness

With the help of a seatbelt, the 5-point dog harness can be a comfortable choice for larger breed dogs. It comes with thick padding which means there’s plenty of comfort for the pet. But its anatomical design is particularly appealing when it comes to the ultimate comfort needed with long drives.

With an extra aluminium V-ring attachment, the harness can also be used with a leash for all types of nature walks. A reflective strip is added to the harness to improve nighttime visibility. This makes the master harness even more versatile and it allows the same product to be used both inside and outside the car when walking the dog.


  • Made with a 5-point adjustable fit
  • Suitable for walking
  • Designed with foam-padded chest and belly straps

Where to buy: Waggle

Price: $104.95

4. Animates Car Safety Dog Harness Black Medium

Petbarn animates car safety dog harness

This simple harness has the role of keeping the dog secured in the car. It doesn’t include any padded surfaces and its minimalistic profile is made for large breed dogs. For the best fit, it needs to be used on dogs between 8 and 20kg.


  • Secures dogs in a step-by-step setup
  • Made with durable materials
  • Suits medium and large-breed dogs of up to 20kg

Where to buy: Petbarn

Price: $28.99

5. Beau Pets Dog Seat Belt Car Harness Restraint

Petbarn beau pets dog seat belt

Suitable for smaller dogs up to 10kg, this harness is easy to use. It attaches directly to the car’s ordinary seat belt and it represents one of the practical products for quick release. It also comes with a D-ring which can serve as an attachment point for a walking leash.


  • Suitable for chest sizes up to 55cm
  • Best fit on dogs up to 10kg
  • Clips to the seat belt attachment

Where to buy: My Pet Warehouse

Price: $22.39

6. Ezydog Harness Chest Plate Bubble Gum

Ezydog harness chest plate L bubble gum

This large breed car harness is one of Australia’s finest car restraints. Its design evenly-distributes pup pressure across the chest where the padded materials improve comfort. While the Bubble Gum design is quirky, the harness is made for larger dogs. It sits well on dogs with weights between 19kg and 35kg. As far as accessories go, its rustproof D-ring works as a leash walking solution as well.


  • Made with an ergonomic design
  • Evenly-distributes pull across the chest
  • Made with a unique Bubble Gum design

Where to buy: Ezydog, My Pet Warehouse

Price: $30.44

7. Ezydog Harness Quick Fit XL Denim

Ezydog harness quick fit XL denim

As its name suggests, this multipurpose harness is made with denim materials. It’s suitable for fashion-conscious dog owners and it represents a unique design which is also practical. To put it on, dogs simply need to step into the harness. Unlike other designs, it comes with a quick-release buckle that ensures the dog can be freed in case of an emergency. Its materials are also waterproof so they don’t retain any moist when the dog is walked in the rain.


  • Made with denim materials
  • Features a quick-release buckle
  • Made with waterproof materials

Where to buy: My Pet Warehouse

Price: $44.79

8. Masterpet Car Harness

MasterPet car harness large

This car harness is comfortable and often considered for dogs with neck injuries. Since there’s no pressure on the neck, dogs travel safely and comfortably while sitting on the backseat of the car while wearing the harness. Made with a universal fit, it attaches to any seatbelt of small cars, SUVs or trucks. Some pet owners even use it together with a walking leash. Since its made for large breed dogs, its mainly useful on labradors, dobermans, German shepherds, and similar breeds.


  • Prevents in-car injuries
  • Fits any seatbelt
  • Suitable for dog walking

Where to buy: My Pet Warehouse

Price: $29.99

The best dog car harness Australian pet owners can rely on is always improving. Both the materials and their designs are always moving forward. But even a simple dog car harness proves superior to simply tying a dog by its leash while behind the wheel. In case of an accident, the dog sits firmly in place and the harnesses prove invaluable. While secured on the car harness, dogs enjoy orthopedic memory foam comfort, which is great for long drives.


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