How to Make the Best Bed for Your Best (Dog) Friend

27 Sep, 2019 by Sylvia

If you aren’t sure how to go about choosing a dog bed, we offer the following helpful information – plus a list of our top picks for the best dog beds for large breeds and smaller dogs.

Dog owners sometimes find it challenging to choose the right beds for their furry friends. There are so many different types and styles of dog beds available that the choice can be overwhelming – and, of course, it isn’t as simple as asking Fido’s opinion on which pet bed he would prefer.

Types of Dog Beds

Cute little Shiba Inu dog standing near pet bed at home
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Dog beds can be as simple as a soft pillow or dog mattress on the floor. They can also be elaborately styled to look like bunk beds, igloos, cocoons or other shelters.

A memory foam bed is typically constructed of memory foam that will comfortably support your dog’s weight. This type of bed is an excellent choice for older dogs or dogs who suffer from joint pain. There are also orthopedic dog beds available, which are similar.

A bolster bed has gently cushioned sides that can serve as pillows for your dog to rest his head on. Some bolster beds feature gentle cup shapes that provide a cosy spot for a dog to curl up in.

A patio bed features legs that elevate the bed off the ground. This is ideal if you plan to put the dog bed outside on a patio, but it can even be a useful feature indoors if your home has cold tile flooring.

Dog Bed Sizes

One of the most important things you’ll want to take into consideration is what size bed you should get for your four-legged companion. Obviously, if you have a large dog, you’ll need a bigger bed than you would need for a smaller dog – but how big, exactly, does it need to be?

The experts at Purina advise measuring your dog when he’s relaxed and lying down, and then choosing a bed that is at least 30.5 cm (12 inches) longer than his stretched-out measurement.

The Best Dog Beds for Large Dogs

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The following are our top picks for the best dog beds suitable for large breeds:

Kazoo Cabana Canvas Dog Kennel Bed

Kazoo Cabana Canvas Dog Kennel House
Photo: Budget Pet Products

If you need a waterproof outdoor dog bed for your furry friend, the Kazoo Cabana Dog Kennel is a worthwhile choice to consider. This high-quality product is both a dog bed and a shelter, all in one. It’s ideal for keeping your pet sheltered from the sun on hot days, or safe from wind and rain when the weather is bad. There are sizes of this product available for large, medium and small dogs.

Bono Fido Stay-Dry Waterproof Extra Large Dog Basket

Bono Fido Stay Dry Dog Basket
Photo: Petbarn

If you’re in need of a durable dog bed for an extra-large dog, this waterproof dog bed is an excellent option to consider. It’s made from heavy duty, flea-proof, rip-resistant nylon material that can withstand the abuse a large, energetic dog will subject it to. The bed is reversible, with the covering on one side being woolly faux fur fleece fabric that is suitable for colder weather. Fastened cushioning and higher sides provide security.

Snooza Cocoon

Snooza Cocoon
Photo: Pet Circle

This plush, comfy dog bed comes in 2 sizes, with the larger size measuring 850mm in diameter. The bed has a removable zippered hood your dog can burrow and snuggle into on chilly days. When the weather is hotter, you can remove the hood. Both the cushion and the hood are machine washable. This high-quality product is made in Australia and comes with a lifetime guarantee.

The Big Barker 7 Pillow Top Orthopedic Dog Bed

Big Barker Orthopedic Dog Bed
Photo: Amazon Australia

This deluxe memory foam dog bed comes in several sizes that are all intended for large and extra-large dogs. This is an expansive dog bed with plenty of space for your furry friend to stretch out and lounge comfortably on. It features a washable cover made of microfiber that resembles suede. This pet bed is made in the United States.

The Best Dog Beds for Smaller Dogs

Adorable french bulldog on the lair
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Here you have our top picks for the best dog beds for smaller dogs:

Piden Wooden Spiral Scandi Style Bed

Piden Wooden Spiral Scandi Style Bed
Photo: Lucky Pet Supplies

This Scandinavian style wooden pet bed gets our vote for the most stylish looking dog bed that’s currently available. Its unique spiral shape offers your small dog a cosy, supportive place to curl up and snooze. The low entryway makes this bed ideal for older dogs or dogs who suffer from joint pain or other ailments; your dog won’t have to climb up or propel himself over a sizable barrier to get in this bed.

K&H Thermo Snuggler Low-Voltage Heated Pet Bed

K&H Thermo Snuggler Low-Voltage Heated Pet Bed
Photo: Lucky Pet Supplies

This dog bed is designed to keep your pooch warm and cosy, but not too warm. The bed has been extensively tested for safety. It uses 6 watts of power when plugged in. The soft cushion includes a machine-washable, removable cover.

Purina Petlife Orthopedic Sofa Bed

Purina Petlife Orthopedic Sofa Grey
Photo: Jumbo Pets

Purina is best known as a manufacturer of pet food, but they also make high-quality pet products such as this orthopedic sofa bed for small and medium-sized dogs. This soft quilted orthopedic dog bed features a non-slip base.  It is filled with comfortable, supportive orthopedic foam.

Since your dog will typically spend as much as 14 hours of each day sleeping, you definitely don’t want to skimp on the bed he’ll be curled up in. Any of these dog beds would be an excellent choice for the dog in your life.


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