Australian Seniors Pet Insurance Review (2019)

24 Dec, 2019 by Sylvia

Here’s everything you should know if you plan on taking pet insurance with Australian Seniors.

Australian Seniors specializes in various insurance policies. The company offers personal insurance by they also take care of cats and dogs. The main advantage of Australian Seniors over other insurance companies is that it allows both the pet owners and the pets to be insured at the same place.

Pet Insurance plans at Australian Seniors are easy to comprehend. Regardless of the pet is a dog or a cat, there are only 3 plans to choose from which cover accidents, illnesses or accidents and illnesses. Eligible vet bills percentages vary from 75% to 80%. There’s a maximum age limit of 9 years for pets to be signed up with Australian Seniors.

Top Australian Seniors policies

3 straightforward plans are offered by Australian Seniors. The starting insurance plan is the Accidents Only cover. It reimburses up to 80% of the vet’s bills up to $8,000 per year. Another option is the Accidents and Illness Cover which reimburses up to 75% of the bills up to $12,000 per year. But unlike the Accidents only cover which doesn’t have an age limit, this insurance plan is limited to pets as old as 9.

The most comprehensive policy option from Australian Seniors is the Top Accident and Illness Cover. Unlike the other plans, it also introduces routine care vaccinations to the insurance plan. There are a few extras that are offered with the 2 most comprehensive policies at Australian Seniors.

For example, there’s no excess pay and pet owners are free to choose their personal vet. Emergency boarding, euthanasia, and tick paralysis benefits are also covered by the plan. Furthermore, other rare extras are offered with the insurance plans. Australian Seniors covers in-home pet visits when the pet is not able to reach the vet.

How much does Australian Seniors pet insurance cost?

Age and de-sexing impact the final cost of insurance. At a monthly rate, Australian Seniors is above average in its policies, but it also offers more than other pet insurers.

An Australian Koolie aged 2 is insured with $78.63 per month with the Top Accident and Illness Cover. This plan reimburses up to 80% of the vet’s bills. Those who only want to cover their pet’s potential accidents only pay $42.41 with the Accident Only Cover.

Australian Seniors 2-year-old Australian Koolie insurance plan

Ensuring an Australian Tiffany cat aged 2 costs $60.11 per month. This comprehensive plan covers up to $12,000 in annual claim benefits. Ensuring the same cat for accidents only costs $40.77 per month.

Australian Seniors 2-year-old Australian Tiffany cat insurance plan

What do customers say about Australian Seniors?

Australian Seniors Pet Insurance reviews

Australian Seniors pet insurance is highly rated by its customers. From 100 customers who left feedback on its services, 81 rated their services as excellent. Most customers found claims were quick to process. When all the requested information is sent to the company, it only takes a few days for the reimbursement to arrive.

But most clients found the company’s customer service to be the best. Many clients get on the phone with the company before signing up for a new plan. Australian Seniors are highly rated for staff knowledge when it comes to company policies.

One customer even recalls having a staff member outlining all of the benefits and requirements of each policy. Such transparency only improves communication and trust in the company. But it also reduces the chances of dealing with claim refusals in the future.

Overall impressions of Australian Seniors

Australian Seniors offers one of the most transparent policy packs today. The company only has 3 simple plans with no sub-plans to confuse potential customers. Their staff is knowledgeable and potential customers are given all the information they need before signing up for their insurance plan.

Cats and dogs can be insured regardless of age on at least one of these 3 insurance plans. The good news is pet owners who want a helping hand covering the cost of routine care such as vaccinations have the option to do so under the most comprehensive policy option from Australian Seniors.

Claims are also fast. In normal conditions, the insurer needs the vet’s bill and a note from the vet to reimburse the bills. It can take a few days to get the information from the vet. In other cases, the vet’s approval is immediate and the company refunds the bills.

Since the company also ensures seniors, its over-the-phone customer service team is contacted more than with other insurers. This is also the reason the company has some of the best staff members to offer all the needed information with short calls.

Otherwise, the company works on modern grounds. Claims can be made online and all pet owners have dedicated personal insurance accounts. These accounts also benefit customers as they bring together all insurance plans Australian Seniors have to offer. Managing finances with these joint accounts are easier.


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