Australia Post Pet Insurance Review (2019)

24 Dec, 2019 by Sylvia

Here’s everything you should know if you plan on taking pet insurance with Australia Post.

Australia Post Pet Insurance offers 3 simple pet health plans. With maximum annual claim limits between $3,000 and $15,000, the insurer is ready to accept pets 8 weeks and older. The waiting periods are short for all claims. Most claims are reimbursed immediately once all the bills are cleared. Accidental injury bills are normally reimbursed within 30 days.

All Australia Post Pet Insurance plans cover vet visits as well. They are capped at $300 per year. Extra are also available but they have a maximum spending limit of $200 per year. Some of these extras include de-sexing, heartworm control, dewclaw removal, teeth cleaning, alternative therapies, and microchipping. Excess options vary from zero to $200.

Top Australia Post Pet Insurance policy options

The maximum annual claim benefits and percentage vary considerably in Australia Post Pet Insurance plans. But they are made for different needs as well. Interestingly, all 3 plans can be customized with extra benefits

Bronze pet insurance

At 65% reimbursement, the Bronze pet insurance is the basic plan at the insurer. It offers a small $3,000 annual claim limit at it may well be the minimum insurance policy in case of illness or accidents. Emergency boarding is also covered in this plan even if it is limited to $500 per year.

Silver pet insurance

The balanced insurance plan has an annual claim limit of $10,000. Unlike many popular policies, it offers a $1,000 annual sub-limit for emergency boarding. This is twice as much as with other insurance companies.

Gold pet insurance

The comprehensive Gold pet insurance plan covers emergency boarding up to $1,200 out of the $15,000 annual claims limit. $200 optional benefits include council registration, cremation or obedience training.

How much does Australia Post Pet Insurance cost?

Australia Post Pet Insurance is among the affordable names in the industry. Pets can enjoy a healthy life without their owners spending more than with other insurers.

It costs $54.52 per month to insure a 2-year old Cocker Spaniel. This monthly fee is considerably lower at $35.03 at the basic Bronze pack.

Australian Post 2-year-old Cocker Spaniel insurance plan

It costs $40.19 to insure a 2-year old Siamese Oriental cat. This sum goes down to $27.26 per month on the basic Bronze insurance pack.

Australian Post 2-year-old Siamese Oriental cat insurance plan

What do customers say about Australia Post Pet Insurance?

There are currently not too many reviews of Australia Post Pet Insurance. The company mainly deals with parcels and judging by those reviews, it has new problems on occasion. However, the insurer has a different division which has better feedback.

One of the main issues clients have with Australia Post Pet Insurance is the yearly premium increase. The older the dog or the cat, the more the owner will have to pay for the same insurance policy. Those who opt for veterinary treatments may also see yearly increases. Some customers may even feel it is unfair that access to better technological treatment comes with higher insurance. However, the more the pet is under a treatment, the likelier it is to see an annual premium increase.

In other areas, Australia Post Pet Insurance works similarly to a privately-owned company. It has dedicated online accounts where pet owners can make claims. It also has a simple claims process where owners simply fill in a form.

An advantage of this online system is that users can also make changes to their insurance plans online. For example, if a customer wants to upgrade from a Bronze pack to a Silver insurance pack, this can entirely be made online, within the personal account.

Our review of Australia Post

Since there’s little data on customer satisfaction due to lack of popularity, Australia Post Pet Insurance remains a new name in the industry. But it is still an affordable service and it may be one of the best names to get started with pet health and dedicated insurance plans.

In terms of improvements, a few details such as yearly premium increase could be more transparent. Having to pay more even without making a claim during the previous year comes with its own problems. This is the main reason why it’s worth looking at the details of each insurance plan.

If a pet has a pre-existing condition, it may not be covered by the insurance plan after they sign up. But Australia Post Pet Insurance also has unique benefits. Up to $200 per year can be claimed for vaccinations, blood screens, FeLv tests or flea control. Obedience training is also covered within this extra.

This is why the dogs which are known to need extra training such as the Akita may benefit from one of the insurance plan. Yearly training sessions with a professional might improve obedience and make the dog more sociable. The dog owner would be able to claim part of the training cost while on one of the 3 insurance plans on offer.


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